A Beginner’s Guide to Jamming With a Group

For a majority of musicians, jamming in a group is a fun thing to do in your free time, as well as a great way to learn more and become a better musician. It is also a way to meet more musicians and to possibly get inspiration for your own music. As a beginner, getting

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Ear Training 101

Have you ever been playing with other musicians and noticed that they are able to pick out certain sounds, chords, notes, keys and more just by listening? This is most likely due to their great musical ear and the fact that they may be training their ears when it comes to music. As you progress

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Ways to Improve Your Lead Guitar Playing

For some guitarists, playing the lead guitar is one of the most enjoyable parts of playing the guitar. This means soloing, playing cool licks, exploring different scales and much more. However, being a great lead guitar player does take lots and lots of practice, especially if you want to play in a band or group.

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Should Your Kid Take Music Lessons?

As children begin to grow and develop interests from an early age, you may notice that some of their interests lie in the category of music. Similar to sports and other hobbies, music can be a great way to meet new friends, express creativity and reach personal goals. In addition, a child’s interest in music

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Ways To Spice Up Your Live Performance

If you’re new to playing live shows or you are even an experienced player at gigs, it can always be good to try new things or add a little more to your live performance once you have the basics down. While this can change things up for your audience, it can also break you out

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Must-Have Accessories for Guitar Players

Being a guitar player usually comes with the territory of having a lot of gear to carry around with you to practice, gigs and the like. While there is a lot of cool gear to have as a guitarist, not all of it may be necessary. That being said, there are definitely some accessories and

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Concert Safety Tips

Attending a concert can be just as fun as playing one, especially if you are seeing one of your favorite bands or artists. It can also be a good way to see and discover new bands, as well as find some inspiration for your own music. That being said, staying safe at a concert or

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How to Get Your First Gig

There comes a time in the life of many musicians where playing live is a very possible reality. Whether that be if you have written your own songs as a solo artist or play with a band or any other type of group. The problem is, many musicians do not know where to begin when

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Guitar Maintenance 101

Taking care of your guitar is an essential part of being a guitarist. It is crucial to keep your instrument in the best shape possible in order to preserve its quality, sound and longevity. Despite what some musicians think, taking really good care of your guitar is not as hard as it seems. It basically

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How to Build Your Own Home Recording Setup

If you are a musician who has been in the process of writing music, then recording your songs may be the next step for you to take. A majority of the time, professional studios can be very expensive, which may deter a lot of musicians from actually recording their songs. However, there is a less

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Using the CAGED Method

As a beginner or even as a skilled guitarist, the fretboard of a guitar may not make perfect sense when looking at it. Unlike a piano, the notes on a guitar’s fretboard are not exactly laid out in perfect order. While this may be frustrating for some players, learning the CAGED method can help guitar

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Acoustic Guitar Options for Advanced Guitar players

As a guitar player, it is sometimes common that you upgrade your gear as your skill level continues to increase. There are some instruments out there that are great for beginners and getting to know the instrument, but there is also gear out there that can better suit different players’ needs. This is especially true

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At Scottsdale Music Academy we make it our mission to ensure nothing stands in the way of musical expression. Our team of music pros has been where you are and understands just how hard learning music can be. Through our many years of experience, expert training, and plenty of trial and error along the way, we’ve mastered the art of music…and you can, too.

With custom and interactive music lessons, the freedom to learn how and when you want, and a team of real-life musicians by your side throughout it all, we make learning an instrument fun, easy, and foolproof.

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