What Our Students Are Saying

Check out what our students are saying about their lesson experience! It’s easy to say we have the best music lessons in Scottsdale, Phoenix, and Paradise Valley but it’s always better to hear it from students and parents that are taking lessons. Give us a call to schedule a trial lesson and see for yourself

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Learn The “Hendrix Chord”

I can’t think of a another time that a guitar chord was referred to by the arstist that used it more than name the actual name of the chord. The E7 #9 chord is uesed every where, but in Jimi Hendrix defenitly made this a part of his sound. This chord is commonly referred to

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Adult Music Lessons In Scottsdale

  Good adult music lessons in Scottsdale are hard to come by. Finding someone with enough teaching experience and knowledge of your specific genre can be a challenge. We here at Scottsdale Music Academy have been at the lesson thing for quite a while and believe you can learn an instrument if your 6 years

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3 Tips For Beginning Guitarists

When you first start playing guitar there can be a lot of information flying at you. And in today’s world with so many sources to find the information it can sometimes be a curse rather than a blessing. Not worry though, here are 3 quick and dirty tips for a beginning guitarist. Keep your wrist

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Fall Concerts to Keep On Your Radar

As a musician, concerts are a vital part of your training regimen—and if they’re not, they should be! Not only are concerts an all-around good time, they can also be an excellent learning experience and a solid source of motivation. Let’s face it—while music lessons and practicing are great ways to advance your skills, to

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Saydi Driggers, Part 2

To recap, in our last blog post we introduced you to Scottsdale Music Academy’s newest music instructor: Saydi Driggers. She teaches everything from piano to vocals, bass and guitar, and plays shows with her band Whstle among other musical endeavours.  In other words, she’s what newbie musicians everywhere aspire to be! But don’t be mistaken—just

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Meet Our Newest Music Instructor: Saydi Driggers

Multi-Talented Musician Saydi’s music journey began when she was just four years old. When most kids her age were just learning their letters, Saydi was learning to play the piano. She initially became interested in the instrument while watching her cousin play, and fell even more in love with it when she finally got her

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How To Find The Perfect Music Teacher

When learning to play music, there are certain must-haves that will making the learning process exponentially easier and as frustration free as can be. One of those must-haves is a music teacher. But not just any music teacher…the right music teacher. Once you’ve settled on an instrument to learn, the next logical step is to

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Aretha Franklin: A Music Legend

R.E.S.P.E.C.T Earlier this month singers and music lovers everywhere mourned the death of one of music’s greats: eighteen-time Grammy winner and “Queen of Soul” Aretha Franklin.  The legendary singer passed away at her home in Detroit on August 16th at age 76 after a severe bout of pancreatic cancer. Franklin first dazzled the world with

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The Best After School Activities

For some kids in Phoenix and Scottsdale, school is back in full swing, and for others, it’s right around the corner! While kids are deciding what supplies to get, whom to sit with in the cafeteria, and which courses will require the most work, there’s another important decision that needs to be made: after school

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4 Easy Ways To Improve Your Guitar Speed

Everything is more fun with a little speed, especially the guitar! But playing an instrument fast isn’t as easy as pressing on the gas pedal when your cruising down an empty road in Phoenix. In order to develop your speed as a guitar player, you’ll need to practice. While guitar lessons and band rehearsals are

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Your Guide To Understanding Vocal Range

Like snowflakes, no two singers are alike. Every singer has their own unique voice, and knowing how to use that voice is the first step to learning how to sing like a pro. While we’d all love to be able to hit high notes like Ariana Grande or belt out ballades like Adele, and sing

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At Scottsdale Music Academy we make it our mission to ensure nothing stands in the way of musical expression. Our team of music pros has been where you are and understands just how hard learning music can be. Through our many years of experience, expert training, and plenty of trial and error along the way, we’ve mastered the art of music…and you can, too.

With custom and interactive music lessons, the freedom to learn how and when you want, and a team of real-life musicians by your side throughout it all, we make learning an instrument fun, easy, and foolproof.

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