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How to Take Better Care of Your Gear as a Guitarist

Let’s be honest, the gear that is out there for guitarists to buy can be very expensive in some instances. This includes amps, pedals, cases, guitars and so much more. For some musicians, purchasing a new piece of gear can be a long-awaited and well-deserved moment. That is why when you get your hands on

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The Benefits of Learning Music Theory

Music theory can be described as the common language understood by musicians in regards to composition. Understanding this language can lead to endless possibilities when it comes to writing, playing and listening to all of the different types of music. When people hear the term “music theory,” one’s mind may go straight to the thought

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What Should I be Practicing?

If you are just starting out as a musician or even consider yourself to be an advanced player, you may be asking yourself: what should I be practicing? There are so many components to learning an instrument like the guitar that you might begin to feel like you are just going over the same concepts

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Buying the Right Strings for Your Guitar

Strings are an obvious essential facet of all guitars, but some players may not know the difference between different string types, brands and gauges. Although the variety of strings may not seem like a big deal, they can make all the difference in the world in how you play and how you sound. That is

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A Beginner’s Guide to Guitar Amplifiers

Amplifiers for electric and acoustic guitars are arguably the most necessary gear for any guitar player to have. Although they are essential pieces of a musician’s arsenal, there are a variety of amplifiers out there. Figuring out the differences between the abundance of guitar amplifiers may help you figure out exactly what you need to

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Picking an Electric Guitar That’s Right for You

Finding the right guitar can sometimes feel like an endless search for the perfect instrument. There is such a variety of guitar manufacturers, body styles and features that may end up overwhelming you as you try to find a guitar that suits your needs. Making sure your instrument is what you want or even need

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Breaking Down Some of the Most Popular Types of Guitar Pedals

Guitar pedals have proven to be an absolutely essential part of any guitarist’s arsenal of gear. They allow you to expand on the effects that are programmed into your amp and to experiment with a large variety of different sounds and effects. While there are lots of guitar pedals out there, getting started with a

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Increase Your Desire to Practice by Removing Barriers

Breaking down certain barriers in regards to practice is very important, even if you are a beginner or a hardened musician. While breaking down barriers may mean a variety of things to different people, we will discuss what it means in terms of practicing and getting better at your instrument. Having an ease of accessibility

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Improve Your Live Performances

Tips for Improving Your Live Performances

Performing live can be one of the most exciting parts of being a musician. While musicians of all skill levels are able to perform live, increasing the quality of your live performance may help you on the road to becoming a great performer. Here are some tips for improving your live performances when it comes

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Songwriting Lessons Scottsdale

Tips for Beginner Songwriters

Songwriting can be one of the most difficult, yet rewarding parts of the creative world of music. Especially for beginners, knowing where to start and what songwriting processes work best for you can be a huge step in the right direction. Taking your time and figuring out what methods suit you most is a great

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private and group music lessons

Individual or Group Lessons: What’s Best For Me?

When thinking about starting music lessons of any kind, you may be asking yourself if group or solo lessons are right for you. It may be intimidating at first, but picking the instruction style that works best for you is very important in the learning process. Whether you are a youth or an adult, there

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The Benefits of Learning an Instrument

Picking up a musical instrument for the first time may seem like a daunting task, but it comes with a variety of benefits. Although it may be difficult at the beginning, practicing and getting better at whatever instrument you choose will become a lifelong skill with lifelong benefits. WHAT ARE THE BENEFITS? According to a

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At Scottsdale Music Academy we make it our mission to ensure nothing stands in the way of musical expression. Our team of music pros has been where you are and understands just how hard learning music can be. Through our many years of experience, expert training, and plenty of trial and error along the way, we’ve mastered the art of music…and you can, too.

With custom and interactive music lessons, the freedom to learn how and when you want, and a team of real-life musicians by your side throughout it all, we make learning an instrument fun, easy, and foolproof.

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