Must-Have Accessories for Guitar Players

Being a guitar player usually comes with the territory of having a lot of gear to carry around with you to practice, gigs and the like. While there is a lot of cool gear to have as a guitarist, not all of it may be necessary. That being said, there are definitely some accessories and pieces of gear that are crucial to being a guitar player. These things will make your life easier as a guitar player and also contribute to you being a more advanced musician. Here are some must-have accessories for guitar players.


Having a tuner of any kind is one of the most important things that a guitar player can do. Staying in tune while playing or practicing is absolutely necessary, especially if you are playing with other musicians. After all, nobody wants to play with someone who is out of tune. Making sure you have a tuner, whether that be a device like a snark or a tuning pedal on your pedalboard, will also save you lots of time and hassle. For example, if you are playing a gig, nobody has the time or patience to tune by ear in between songs. This is why having a tuner comes in incredibly handy.


Guitar picks are also a must-have accessory for guitar players, everybody uses them. Having guitar picks allows you to play your instrument effectively, while also capturing more of the tone of the guitar than you would with just using your fingers. One important thing to note about guitar picks is that they come in a variety of ways. Guitar picks are usually sorted out by size and thickness, so taking the time to find the right brand or type of guitar pick for you is very important.


Last but not least, every guitar player should have a capo in their arsenal of gear and accessories. The number one advantage of capos is that it lets a guitarist change the key of a song while still being able the open position chord shapes. This is super useful if you are playing in an unfamiliar key or just want to make the chord positions easier on yourself. There is such an abundance of great guitar gear and accessories out there, but these are just a few of many essential things to have as a guitarist.

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