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  • Best Acoustic Guitars For Beginners

    no Comments in blog by John Davis on Tuesday, May 05 th, 2020

    There are tons of different types of guitars—from acoustic to electric and classical, not to mention the various guitar brands that exist, each with their own unique features and selling points. Suffice it to say that all these options can make it a little hard to pick one, let alone the “right” one.&nb...

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  • How to Motivate Yourself to Practice

    no Comments in blog by John Davis on Wednesday, April 22 nd, 2020

    Let’s face it…sometimes practicing can be a drag! After a long day at school or work, the last thing you feel like doing is sitting down to practice your instrument. But, as we all know, consistent practice is the only way to become the amazing musician you want to be! Contrary to what you might belie...

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  • Now Offering Online Music Lessons

    no Comments in blog by John Davis on Wednesday, April 15 th, 2020

    With ordinary life in upheaval and limited social activities to partake in, music can be the perfect pastime. As all musicians know, nothing lifts spirits more or engages the mind quite like music. That’s why Scottsdale Music Academy is happy to now offer virtual music lessons! Just because you’re stuck i...

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  • 4 Key Indicators of a Good Music School

    no Comments in blog by John Davis on Monday, March 30 th, 2020

    Here’s the cold hard truth: not all music lessons are created equal. The quality of music lessons can depend on many factors. To find a music school where you can be sure you’re getting the most bang for your buck, you’ll want to consider four key factors. Reputation When choosing a music...

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  • The Best Music Marketing Strategies for 2020

    no Comments in blog by John Davis on Monday, February 24 th, 2020

    In our digitally-connected world, it’s easier than ever for musicians today to promote their music and expand their reach. Thanks to social media and the internet, a musician can successfully market themselves without needing a lot of moolah or an extensive music marketing plan. If you’re a local music...

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  • 4 Simple Tips for Singing High Notes

    no Comments in blog by John Davis on Tuesday, February 18 th, 2020

    There’s a right way and wrong way to do most everything, including singing high notes. Learning how to sing high notes the right way (i.e. without straining your voice) can be tricky for a majority of singers to master, especially without guidance. Luckily, Scottsdale Music Academy is here to help! We’ve ...

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  • Is Your Child Ready for Music Lessons?

    no Comments in blog by John Davis on Thursday, February 06 th, 2020

    As one of Scottsdale and Phoenix’s most popular spots for music lessons, we work with a variety of students of all different ages—from little ones to teens, college students, and yes, even adults! From our many years of experience, we’ve learned that (contrary to what most people might believe) there is...

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  • Simple Drum Techniques to Drum Faster

    no Comments in blog by John Davis on Thursday, January 23 rd, 2020

    If there’s one thing all drummers can agree on it’s that learning proper drum techniques can take time. As a newbie drummer, it’s natural to idolize more experienced drummers, especially those who can drum at lightning speeds. But with a little practice, some drum lessons, and a bit of determination, yo...

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  • Guitar Picks 101: How to Pick Your Pick

    no Comments in blog by John Davis on Friday, December 20 th, 2019

    Although small in size, guitar picks possess a lot of power. In fact, many beginning guitar players often don’t realize just how important guitar picks really are. While it is very possible to play the guitar without a pick (and sometimes preferred for stylistic reasons), these small, but mighty tools can h...

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  • Tips for Choosing a Good Band Name

    no Comments in blog by John Davis on Tuesday, December 10 th, 2019

    Once you’ve reached that point in your music career where you’ve perfected your skills to a T and learned all you can through music lessons, the next logical step is showcasing your talents around Phoenix, Scottsdale, Tempe, and beyond! For a majority of musicians, that means forming a band or joining an ...

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