Ways To Spice Up Your Live Performance

If you’re new to playing live shows or you are even an experienced player at gigs, it can always be good to try new things or add a little more to your live performance once you have the basics down. While this can change things up for your audience, it can also break you out of your normal routine and allow you to expand your comfort zone. These things range from moving around a bit more on stage to engaging with your audience. Not only will these ways to spice up your live performances make you more memorable, but they will also improve the quality of your live gigs and showmanship.


A lot of times, musicians who are new to playing live gigs tend to stay in one spot when playing. This could be from a variety of things including stage fright or a lack of confidence. The best way to combat these feelings and to spice up your live performances is to move around! Some ways to do this are to engage with your fellow band members or even try to get a better feel for the music you are playing. This will make moving around the stage feel more comfortable, especially if you are new to it.


In addition to using more space on stage, engaging with your audience is a great way to spice up your live performances. While concert-goers love to just listen to the music, they also love feeling like they are almost a part of the show. For example, try talking to the audience between songs or even give some songs an introduction. This will break the barrier between the crowd and the stage and make the show a much more immersive experience for everyone.


Last but not least, expressing yourself is one of the best ways to spice up your live performances. When you walk on stage, just try to be yourself! This means wearing what you want to wear and acting how you would normally act. While this can be an intimidating thing to do, you can’t worry so much about what other people think of you. Although there are an abundance of ways to spice up your live performances, these are some of the best ways to do so. Overall, just go out there and have fun!

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