How to Build Your Own Home Recording Setup

If you are a musician who has been in the process of writing music, then recording your songs may be the next step for you to take. A majority of the time, professional studios can be very expensive, which may deter a lot of musicians from actually recording their songs. However, there is a less expensive way to do this. Building your own home recording setup can be way more cost-friendly and give you the freedom to make music how you want to. Ultimately, there are a few pieces of gear you may need to get started.


A good computer and recording software are two crucial things you will need in order to start recording music at home. Apple laptops and desktops are two good options because they are able to handle the software and any extra pieces of equipment that you may use. In terms of software, Pro Tools and Logic Pro are used by many professionals in the music industry and can help you produce high-quality tracks.


If you are recording vocals of any kind, a good mic is a must-have for a home recording setup. Although mics tend to be a little more on the expensive side, there are some great brands out there that won’t run you too much money. Shure is one manufacturer that makes decent microphones at an affordable price that can work with the recording software mentioned above. The Shure SM58 is one of the most popular mics out there and is used by many musicians to record vocal and instrument tracks. 


An interface will also be an integral part to your recording setup at home. Interfaces allow you to connect your instruments to your recording software on your computer and produce a quality sound. Focusrite makes an abundance of affordable interfaces that will allow you to record and/or mic all of the instruments that you will be using. While the gear you need to grow your home recording setup may grow as you continue to record songs, these items will give you a head start on what you need to be able to record at home.

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