Ways to Amplify Your Acoustic Guitar

If you have a pickup in your acoustic guitar, then you may be wondering what is the best way to put that pickup to use for live shows, practice or something similar. There are a variety of ways to amplify your acoustic guitar and some ways work better for different situations and musicians. Finding the right way to amplify your acoustic guitar can greatly affect your sound. Here are some ways to amplify your acoustic guitar.


PA systems are one good choice for amplifying your guitar, although they are mainly found at live music venues. Usually consisting of a few inputs, monitor speakers, a mixing board and large outfacing speakers, PA systems allow you to plug in and play rather quickly. Another upside to playing through a PA system is the amount of volume that can be produced alongside very minimal feedback. One downside to playing through a PA system is there is not a lot of capability for customizing your sound.


Acoustic amps are a little less common than playing through a PA system, but they are also a very good option for amplifying your acoustic guitar. They are very portable and easy to use, while also offering the features to dial in and customize your sound as much as you want. They may not be as loud as PA systems, but most acoustic amps come with a DI output so they can be connected to external speakers.


Lastly, microphones are another way to amplify your acoustic guitar, usually if you do not have a pickup. You may have seen this before with an artist that has a mic set up pointing right at the soundhole of their acoustic guitar. One great thing about using a microphone to amplify your acoustic guitar is that the natural sounds of your guitar can be captured in great detail. Overall, finding the best option to amplify your acoustic guitar that works for you can really add to the kind of sounds you want to produce.

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