How to Market Yourself as a New Music Artist

If you are new to the world of music or are looking for a way to break into the scene as a music artist, then you may have wondered what is the best way to market yourself as a new artist. For many new artists, it can be quite challenging to get your name out there and have people listen to your music. Luckily, there are a few things that you can do to push your career forward. Here is how to market yourself as a new music artist.


Using any type of social media to start building your name and brand as a music artist is probably the best way to market yourself in this day and age. Nowadays, mostly everybody uses one or more types of social media, so using apps such as Instagram or Twitter are great options to start being seen and heard. As a music artist, it is important to take advantage of these platforms by posting pictures, videos, snippets of songs and much more. It will give people a chance to see what you are all about.


This also relates to using social media to market yourself, but determining your fanbase is super critical in marketing yourself as a new artist. Finding the people or groups that will accept/relate to your music the most is a great way to get your career off the ground because it will give you an insight into how to brand yourself. In addition, the way in which you present yourself will also affect your social media and in-person presence.


Yes, this seems like an obvious tip, especially for musicians, but playing as much music as possible will help you in continuing to market yourself and grow as a new music artist. This means playing as many gigs as possible, which can be hard at first. But, as you play more and more shows, people will start to reach out and respond to you on a more consistent basis. In turn, this will help in creating a community around your music. Being a new artist in today’s climate can be really hard and sometimes discouraging, but if you continue at it and follow the steps to market yourself, your music will inevitably start to reach people.

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