A Guide to Acoustic Guitar Pickups

For acoustic guitar players who are starting to record music, playing gigs, or just want some more volume when practicing, getting a pickup in your acoustic guitar is a good option. Usually, this will give you a little bit more freedom to do what you want with your instrument. That being said, there are a wide variety of acoustic guitar pickups out there that suit different needs. Here is a guide to acoustic guitar pickups.


If you have ever seen a device going across the soundhole of an acoustic guitar, then you have seen a magnetic acoustic pickup. These pickups work by picking up the vibration of the strings and transferring it into electrical energy. One great thing about magnetic pickups is that they are very resistant to feedback, so they allow players to play at much higher volumes than other pickups. In addition, they tend to produce a very warm, balanced tone.


Another kind of pickup that is sometimes used in acoustic guitars is an undersaddle transducer. This kind of pickup goes in a slot under the saddle of the guitar and is usually the most popular kind of pickup in an acoustic guitar. These pickups offer a great balance between feedback resistance, while also keeping a solid acoustic tone. One drawback of these pickups is that they are not able to be pushed as hard as magnetic pickups.


Last but not least, soundboard transducer pickups are another option when it comes to installing a pickup in your acoustic guitar. These can tend to be on the cheaper side of acoustic pickups, but they do produce a great tone. Soundboard transducers are also more prone to feedback than any other kind of pickup. As you can see, there are a few different types of pickups for your acoustic guitar. What matters most is finding the pickup that suits your needs and playing style.

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