Things to Consider When Offered a Spot on a Tour

For musicians of all kinds, being offered a spot on a tour, whether it is with an opener or a headliner, can be a dream come true. This means that you will finally get to play live music for new audiences every night, see new places and get to experience life on the road. Even though that all sounds great, there are definitely some items to keep in mind before you accept the offer. Here are some things to consider when offered a spot on a tour.


The first thing you may want to consider when offered a spot on a tour is if you will be compensated fairly. This can mean a variety of things including a weekly paycheck, paid-for meals or just some money that you will be able to spend on a daily basis. If you are not compensated fairly for your time, going on tour could cause some financial hardships for yourself. Take a look at the contract you are being offered and decide for yourself if it is monetarily worth it.


Music tours can last for all amounts of time, and it is definitely something to consider if you are thinking about going on tour. Some people may not think of this, but being away from home for long periods of time might be hard. This is especially true if you have bills to pay or other responsibilities that may be hard to manage if you are away from home.


Going on tour may seem like it is all fun and games (and sometimes it is), but it can also be a grueling process that takes a toll on not only your physical well-being, but your mental health as well. If you do decide to go on tour, make sure that you are taking care of yourself and taking the proper steps to prioritize your mental health. While yes, these things are very important to keep in mind when considering taking a spot on a tour, it is also important to note that going on tour can be one of the most rewarding experiences a musician can have. So if everything lines up and looks good to you, it might be your best bet to
take the offer.

However, even if you have not been offered a spot on a tour and just looking to learn an instrument for fun, we’ve got you covered! You never know what could happen once you start learning!

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