Why Music Lessons Are a Great Summer Activity

Summer can be a great time to relax, take time away from work or school and even acquire new skills. Especially in Arizona, beating the heat is a must and sometimes it seems like there are limited possibilities that allow you to do that. Here at Scottsdale Music Academy, we believe that music lessons are a way to do just that. Not only do we offer guitar lessons, but we also give lessons in bass, drums, vocals and more! Here are some reasons why music lessons are a great
summer activity.


Amongst other things, music lessons are a great way to keep your mind sharp during the summer, especially if you have a break from school or work. Not only will the lessons keep you busy, but playing an instrument of any kind can improve your cognitive ability and creativity functions of the brain. If you are looking for a fun way to exercise your brain this summer, try some music lessons today.


Sometimes in children, teens and adults, summertime can bring on feelings of loneliness or
boredom. Another reason why music lessons are a great summer activity is that they will allow you to stay social and learn a new skill at the same time. This is definitely true if you are interested in taking part in our group lessons that we offer here at SMA. It is a sure way to meet new friends that are at a similar skill level as you.


Lastly, music lessons are a great summer activity because usually during the summer months, there may not be so many distractions with school, work or other activities you are involved in. This will give you the time to vastly improve your musical abilities with whatever instrument you choose, as well as the time to practice and take more lessons. Even though music lessons are a wonderful idea all year round, try some lessons at SMA this summer!

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