Band Coaching

BAND COACHING is like our version of a rock star bootcamp! SMA All-Star Students enrolled in our most popular program are given the opportunity to show off their refined performance skills at live concerts and appearances. This is the time when students and bands get to play a real, live, sweaty, adrenaline-pumping rock show!

Band Coaching focuses on stage performance and live musicianship under the guidance of a highly experienced SMA music instructor. Students are coached on stage presence, audience engagement, and stage attire. They’re shown how to set up their music equipment and dial in their stage sound. Each rehearsal is audio and video recorded and posted online each week so you can watch your performance, know what you look like performing live on stage.

The best part of Band Coaching is your opportunity to perform and let all your hard work, dedication, and passion really come alive! No other music experience is as enriching, memorable, and life changing as performing live with our Rock Training program.

Rock Training includes:

  • Customized lessons
  • Live performance opportunities
  • Group video evaluations
  • Social media and marketing support
  • Monthly workshops
  • Monthly jam sessions
  • Music clinics

It is recommend students participating in Band Coaching be enrolled in Private Lessons. Band Coaching is available for 1 hour, or 90-minutes per week.

Call 602-751-3537 now to find out when the next round of Band Coaching begins. Rock on with SMA!