On Sunday, March 3rd, Scottsdale Music Academy rocked out on the stage of Downtown Phoenix’s Crescent Ballroom music venue during our Winter Concert. Seven bands performed, each featuring two to three songs of their favorite covers and originals. The best part is that all band members who performed are music students of the Scottsdale Music Academy Band Coaching Program. Yes, ladies and gents! This is where the magic of music lessons becomes the stuff of legend!

“What’s great about what we do here at SMA is we give our students the opportunity to do what actual working musicians are doing,” explained founder of Scottsdale Music Academy and guru guitar instructor John Davis. “They rehearse, they get stage ready, and then they perform in front of their friends and family who love and support them. Plus they get to do it all at some of the best venues in Scottsdale, Arizona and Phoenix.”

Youth lessons, adult music instruction, and band coaching are where it all begins at Scottsdale Music Academy. One-on-one classes, group workshops, in-house clinics, and Encore  music services are also available to students of SMA. Students of all levels have the opportunity to custom create their experience at the Academy.

“My lessons are not like reading out of a textbook,” affirmed Austin, a vocals student who is also learning acoustic and electric guitar. Austin is currently studying with SMA guitar instructor Darren. “It’s cool to be able to say that some part of a song was really hard, and they’ll help you with it without question.”

Austin is just one of many music students who are learning the ropes of the music industry. Many bands are now booking gigs of their own, outside of the performance opportunities provided by Scottsdale Music Academy. You heard right! SMA is already booking bands around town and helping them out with management and organizational support like arranging PA systems, stage equipment, and more.

“Our bands are absolutely progressing through our Band Coaching Program,” beamed John. “They’re playing gigs outside of the gigs we have for them. Austin’s band “The Audio” played at Westworld for The Arabian Horse Show. We helped them set up their gear and make sure everything was arranged for them to give their best performance.”

Concerts are planned to take place every quarter, so be on the lookout for more information about SMA’s next concert. If you’re interested in performing in a band, or you want to take your very first music lesson, call John: 602.751.3537.

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