April 20: Come See the Dynamic Duo!

Did you happen to catch last February’s Drum Clinic with Joe Costello, drummer extraordinaire and Scottsdale Music Academy drum instructor? Here’s your chance to take part in yet another truly awesome clinic. On Saturday, April 20th from 12-2pm, Scottsdale Music Academy is hosting a Drum / Bass Clinic at their Scottsdale Airpark location. Whether you’re a student of SMA or just a visitor who loves to drum roll their pens when they’re bored, we invite you to come on out. The Bass/Drum Clinic is FREE!

~Sneak peek clinic rehearsal

Not only will you get to learn from Joe’s drumming expertise as a mega musician, you’ll also experience bass master Kirwan Brown groove out with his bass guitar. This dynamic duo will show you how the bass and drums work together as a unit. You’ll see for yourself how the rhythm section lays the foundation on which the singer, guitarist, and keyboardist does their THA-A-A-A-ANG. They’ll talk about what it means to work together in a band. And you’ll realize real quick how important it is to know how to be supportive of other instruments and work harmoniously to make sure the song always stays “in the pocket.”

Joe and Kirwan will also be joined by guitarist (and buddy) Jason Brown, and together, they are going to perform a variety of tunes in genres and styles like jazz, rock, latin, and reggae. The mélange of music is not just for your listening pleasure. It’s to showcase advanced rhythmic and melodic concepts for all instrumentalists.

The aim of the Drum / Bass Clinic is to get the audience to understand how to enhance a melody line, solo, rhythm, or vocal part. They’ll play with the dynamics of songs and throw in some odd time meters to give you an idea of how they approach more challenging songs. You’ll also learn how to interact with other band members when someone is playing their solo. Finally, you’ll have the chance to ask your most pressing rhythm section questions. So don’t expect to just sit at the back of the room and watch the show pass you by.

If you want to experience the bass and drums (and guitar) at their absolute best, then join us for Scottsdale Music Academy’s FREE Drum / Bass Clinic on Saturday, April 20th. Parents, kids, babies, and groupies of all shapes and sizes are invited. You don’t even have to be a musician to join in on all the fun.

Questions about the Drum / Bass Clinic? Want to take a lesson? Know there’s a musician itch your waiting to scratch? Call Scottsdale Music Academy at 602.751.3537.

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