Ever wonder what music lessons with an incredible guitar instructor at the Scottsdale Music Academy can do to completely change your life? Native Phoenician and professional guitarist Kurt Johnson did just that when he started taking guitar lessons with John Davis a few short years ago.

“It was just supposed to be a father-son thing with my dad,” said Kurt. “We only wanted to play music together and have fun. After a month of taking lessons together with my dad, I started going fulltime with John.”

At the time, Kurt was on the fast track to a secure career in Corporate America, working to continue the legacy of his family’s commercial furniture dealership. Not for a second did the young Kurt believe that his destiny was about to take a major detour.

“It all happened so fast,” recalled Kurt. “John had taught me how to sing and play the guitar, and all of a sudden we were writing songs together. He hooked me up with a few musicians, and we started a small band. But I knew that if I wanted to really make it in music, I had to go to California.”

As a result of those few short lessons at Scottsdale Music Academy (and some serious mentoring and encouragement from John), Kurt left everything (his job, his plush home in Scottsdale, even his girlfriend) and followed his heart directly to the music mecca of Hollywood, California. That was one year ago. Now he lives his days performing his own original music in some of the hottest LA music venues such as the legendary Viper Room and House of Blues.

“I love it. Being in Hollywood is everything I thought it would be and way more!”

As lead rock star guitarist for the band Crown City Krooks, Kurt is on the verge of recording his first EP album and getting a major shot at the music industry’s golden ring. Once the album is finished, major record labels will be looking to pick up the new act to elevate them into pop stardom. His biggest hope is to go on tour to share his music with screaming fans across the United States and throughout the world.

“I feel like I was built for this… I’d love to be on the road for the next 10 years. I would love to be in Europe.”

Kurt knows that the only reason he is living the dream and loving his music career today is because of John and the lessons he learned at Scottsdale Music Academy. To all hopeful musicians who dream of following a similar path, here’s what Kurt has to say:

“John Davis was out here in Los Angeles at one time. He’s been through it. He’s done it all. You want the teaching and advice that John can give you because he knows what it takes.

“He pushed me to become a better musician. I would learn a whole ton of stuff and show up the next week feeling pretty good about it. Then he would give me even more new stuff to learn. I think he’s great. He can take somebody that is really serious about music to a completely new level. I’m a walking example of what’s possible.

“When it got close to leaving for Los Angeles, I was so scared. John just kept pushing me to go and work really hard. I’m out here living my dream right now, and it’s definitely because of John.”

To schedule a guitar lesson with John Davis or to learn more about the opportunities of taking music lessons at the Scottsdale Music Academy, call 602.751.3537.

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