Joe Costello Drum Clinic

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Joe Costello: From Rudiments to Business Basics

If you happened to catch our February in-house Drum Clinic with professional drummer Joe Costello, one of the Valley’s most in-demand working musicians and a Scottsdale Music Academy drum instructor, then you know you experienced something truly special. From 12-1pm on Saturday, February 16, a room full of SMA students and guests joined us at our Scottsdale Airpark location to get an earful of Joe’s incredible words and wisdom. What exactly did he have to say?

He showed us that regardless of our experience level and no matter how young or old we are, there is always room to improve and take instruction. Joe brought us back to the rudiments of good drumming technique including correct body posture and hand positioning. He also shared with us a little secret as to why a few drummers are hired again and again and others are left to continue practicing their rolls and rhythm at home. Not surprising, it has a lot to do with timing. Not the kind of timing that means you’re at the right place at the right time, but timing that means you don’t play a song too fast or too slow.

Joe also gave us a few golden nuggets to the business of music and what it takes to establish yourself as a professionally working musician in Phoenix and Scottsdale, AZ. Working at least 4 to 5 nights every week, Joe has a tremendous amount of invaluable experience dealing with clients and agents, booking bands, and playing for events in venues of all shapes and sizes.

Lucky for us, Joe isn’t stingy with his knowledge of the industry and his business acumen. He shared with us the skills to being a skilled live player including how to really listen to the mechanics of our favorite tunes, the history of great drummers, and the importance of maintaining a good attitude when dealing with musicians and clients.

The Drum Clinic is the first in a series of clinics that Scottsdale Music Academy plans to roll out throughout 2013. The best part about our clinics is they’re FREE. So if you’re interested in joining us for our next clinic or you have an idea for a clinic you would like to see at SMA this year, definitely check back to our website, join our mailing list by emailing, or give us a call. At the end of the day, Scottsdale Music Academy is here for you, our students. So tell us what you want, and we’ll do our best to make it happen.

Interested in taking drum lessons with Joe Costello? Good move! Joe has spots open for lessons on Saturdays along with availability on Mondays and Tuesdays. If you’re a seasoned musician who wants to brush up on your technique or you’re picking up your first pair of drumsticks, Joe will definitely up your game on the drum set. His lessons are awesomely fun and a totally good time all around. We know you’ll have a blast! To schedule a drum lesson with Joe, call Scottsdale Music Academy today at 602.751.3537.

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