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Holiday Gift Guide: The Best Gifts For Musicians

The gift-giving season is almost upon us! No doubt you’ve already begun searching for the perfect gifts for your loved ones…including that special musician in your life. If you really want to wow him or her this year, skip the cliché concert tickets and go for something a little more unique. Need some ideas?  Check out this list of crazy cool and memorable gifts for musicians that not even Santa himself could compete with.

Need some gift ideas for the musician in your life? Behold four of the best gifts for musicians that not even Santa himself can compete with!1. Soundwaves Print

Art, home décor, and music all in one stunning print!  This one-of-a-kind item is the perfect gift for music lovers who appreciate music in both its audio and visual forms. Simply choose any song and have it converted into a piece of art featuring a visual soundwave of that song. There’s no better way to pay tribute to a favorite song than by giving it a little remix and capturing it in a whole new light! And this is surely one of the only gifts for musicians that the recipient is guaranteed not to already own.

2. Music Lessons

When it comes to gifts for musicians, nothing beats giving the gift of knowledge. Purchase your favorite musicians some private or group music lessons to help them hone their skills and learn tips from real pros. Whether they’re interested in vocal lessons, drum lessons, or any other kind of music lessons, Scottsdale Music Academy is the place to learn it all. A gift of music lessons from a prominent music school like SMA will show the musician in your life that you believe in his or her talents…and that’s an amazing gift in and of itself!

3. Pick Punch

While there is definitely an art to choosing guitar strings and picks, more often than not, guitar players will use whatever they can find. And thanks to the Pick Punch, musicians can transform virtually anything into a pick. Give musicians a gift they never knew existed, but soon won’t be able to live without: a way to make their very own guitar picks out of everyday items! Who says gifts for musicians can’t be practical and ingenious all at the same time? …Not us!

4. Sheet Music

No list of gifts for musicians would be complete without including what musicians love most of all: music! And while many people give the gift of music via an iTunes gift card, there’s another way to give musicians access to the music they love, and that’s through sheet music. With sheet music, musicians can study their favorite songs from the inside out and learn how to play the songs themselves.  While there are a ton of online sites to find sheet music, most of them require you to pay for access to their database of songs. That’s where you come in! Buy your musician sheet music for the songs he loves, and he’ll love you in more in return.

When shopping for gifts for musicians, remember that no gift in the world can compare to your constant support and encouragement.  Trust us when we say that this, by far, is the greatest gift you can give to any musician.

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