GROUP MUSIC LESSONS allow you to hear, see, and feel the magic of playing your favorite music together with other like minded musicians. You’ll experience rock-n-roll on a real stage equipped with lights and sound. We’ll show you how to rehearse effectively and get the most out of your practice. The group will go through the creative process and come out playing songs like a seasoned band.

Your group music lesson is designed like a real band rehearsal. You’ll team up with students and friends who play at your same skill level. You’ll choose songs together and contribute those great melodic riffs, beats that get you moving and note-bending tricks you’ve practiced during your private lessons. One of our expert music instructors will guide your group lesson, so you’re always learning and growing with every note that you play.

Group music lessons include:

  • Customized lessons
  • Music theory
  • Group video lessons
  • Monthly workshops
  • Monthly jam sessions
  • Music clinics

Weekly one-hour group music lessons are either taught as a band with a combination of guitar, drums, bass, keys, and voice or with multiple students playing the same instrument.

Call 602-751-3537 to find out when your next group lesson is taking place. Let’s play!

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At Scottsdale Music Academy we make it our mission to ensure nothing stands in the way of musical expression. Our team of music pros has been where you are and understands just how hard learning music can be. Through our many years of experience, expert training, and plenty of trial and error along the way, we’ve mastered the art of music…and you can, too.

With custom and interactive music lessons, the freedom to learn how and when you want, and a team of real-life musicians by your side throughout it all, we make learning an instrument fun, easy, and foolproof.

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