5 Steps to Set Your Musical Goals for 2016

Setting Musical Goals

5 Steps to Set Your Musical Goals for 2016

Happy New Year! Let’s start this year with great ways to tap into your musical ambitions, and commit yourself to new musical goals for 2016!

Every New Year brings with it the promise of new insights and interest in participating in fresh activities. In your musical world, there is also room for new activities, from picking up a new instrument, learning how to sing in groups, or choosing to take guitar lessons in Scottsdale. Whichever path you choose, it’s very important to have a good plan that includes:


1)    setting up clear goals

2)    having the right direction and teacher

3)    focusing on the big picture

4)    taking time to practice

5)    committing yourself to the project


Let’s look a little closer at these steps in your musical journey!

Clear Goals

Having a clear idea of your musical goals should be a first step. Are you looking to play better in an ensemble? Do you just want to get good enough to play blues jam sessions? Or would you like to zero in on your songwriting talents, once you have the grasp of a few guitar chords? Have a clear map of where you want to go, and then outline a few solid steps to get you to that goal.

Right Direction

Having the right direction is important. Are you nimble fingered enough to play guitar or piano?  Are there teachers who can show you better ways to move your fingers around a musical instrument? If you’re in Scottsdale, Phoenix or Paradise Valley AZ, you should look to the pros at Scottsdale Music Academy for fresh insights. Getting the right direction from practicing musicians should be a key focus.

Big Picture

Understanding the big picture is also valuable to musical types. Where will you move toward with your increased music understanding this year? Maybe you’re seeking group playing, or solo recordings. Or is your idea to find session work, or play rock n roll covers. Figure out the big picture in your goal setting.

Practice Time

Start the New Year looking at your musical learning steps. If you’re already a practicing musician, assess your patterns – what chords are your relying on too heavily? What melodies seem to dominate your playing? Is your timing where it should be?


Project Commitment

Committing yourself to a project is pretty important. Do you want to play solos with a local jazz trio? Or maybe you see yourself singing in your local community group performance? Your goal can be anything you set your heart and mind towards. So with all these ideas in mind, make sure that the journey is fun, fulfilling, and enjoyable.

We want you to achieve your musical goals in 2016. Scottsdale Music Academy offers Phoenix, Scottsdale and Paradise Valley music lovers the chance to learn a new instrument, or get better at their current instrument. Our talented teachers can provide free weekly online music lessons to you within your schedule and budget, and help you move forward in 2016

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