Why the Piano can be a Good Place to Start

Picking an instrument to start learning may sometimes feel like an overwhelming decision to make. After all, there are a variety of options including the guitar, bass, drums and classical instruments. However, what not many people know is that the piano can be a great instrument for beginners to start playing on and a great aid in getting people into the world of music. There are a multitude of reasons why the piano can be a good place to start, a couple of them being that the piano helps create a solid musical foundation and it can actually translate over to other instruments.


Building a strong musical foundation as a beginner is very important for learning and growing as a musician. Learning the piano can help with this because the instrument itself lays out the simple concepts of music theory in an accessible way. For example, the notes on a piano are all laid out in a consecutive fashion, with the lower notes on the left and the higher notes on the right. In addition, the sharp and flat keys are easily distinguishable to give the player more of an understanding as to what notes they are playing. The piano also allows for a good basis in reading music.

Along with an easy layout, learning the piano is also a great way to learn and construct a good sense of pitch when it comes to music. If a piano is tuned properly, it will produce perfect notes that the player can recognize and learn.


Another reason the piano can be a good place to start when choosing an instrument is that the skills you learn can translate to other instruments. The main skill that this can be seen with is in one’s coordination. Playing the piano takes a good deal of coordination in order to be able to do two different things at once with each hand. Ultimately, as you get better at playing the piano and your coordination, you will find that learning other instruments, such as the guitar, may not be so difficult at first.

While the piano may not be your first choice when wanting to start learning an instrument, it is definitely a great way to build a musical foundation and introduce yourself to the world of music.

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