The Benefits of Learning an Instrument

Picking up a musical instrument for the first time may seem like a daunting task, but it comes with a variety of benefits. Although it may be difficult at the beginning, practicing and getting better at whatever instrument you choose will become a lifelong skill with lifelong benefits.


According to a variety of studies, learning an instrument can positively affect stress levels, perseverance, creativity, memory, confidence, parts of the brain and much more. Since learning an instrument has been shown to increase the volume of gray matter in your brain, this skill can also translate to other parts of daily life. This can include school, work, problem-solving and even decision making. In addition to that, learning an instrument can also give you the ability to share your new skill with others. Even though it may be intimidating at first, the rewards that come with learning an instrument far outweigh the difficulties you may be faced with at the beginning.


Another benefit of learning an instrument is that you may eventually begin to play and surround yourself with other musicians. This is especially good for gaining more confidence in your abilities as you progress and can even give you the motivation to keep getting better on your own. Playing and practicing music in a group has also shown to increase organization and teamwork skills.


Finding an instrument that interests and excites you to learn may be one of the most important parts of starting the process of becoming a musician. Do you have a favorite musician in mind? A favorite genre of music? A passion for listening to a particular instrument? These are all things to keep in mind when finding what instrument is best for you. Most importantly, learning an instrument is supposed to be fun, so find something that you enjoy and start practicing!

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