Individual or Group Lessons: What’s Best For Me?

When thinking about starting music lessons of any kind, you may be asking yourself if group or solo lessons are right for you. It may be intimidating at first, but picking the instruction style that works best for you is very important in the learning process. Whether you are a youth or an adult, there is an instruction style out there that suits you!


In the experience of many people, private or individual music lessons are a great way to start out when learning a new instrument or trying to further your already existing skills. In this style of learning, you can get a one-on-one focused experience, which can allow you to move at your own pace and focus on the specific music and style that you want to learn. Private lessons are also a great way to figure out what you do and don’t like about certain playing styles, techniques, types of music and learning styles. For all types of instruments including guitar, bass keys, drums or even voice, private lessons may be the choice for you.


If you aren’t too sure about taking one-on-one lessons or you just want to learn in a friendly, group setting, group lessons might be for you. In these types of lessons, students have the ability to learn in a group of like-minded musicians who enjoy playing the same types of music and songs.

In addition, group lessons also offer you the chance to bounce ideas off of one another and this is a great way to increase your musical abilities and confidence. Not only does this let you grow in your musical abilities, but it also teaches you more about playing in a band, stage performance, live musicianship and the gear that comes along with it.


In order to choose which type of music lessons best suits your wants and needs, it may be beneficial to think about which setting you will be most comfortable in. Do you like the focused attention of one instructor? Then private lessons may be your best bet. Do you enjoy playing with other musicians and want to learn more about being in a band? Then group lessons might best fit your style. Either way give us a call 602-751-3537 or click here to sign up for a FREE lesson to see what fits you best.

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