How To Stop Procrastinating For Good

Procrastination is a bad habit that we all succumb to from time to time. It may be easy and fun at the moment, but it ultimately derails goals and squashes productivity. To achieve your goals and succeed in your efforts—whether it be learning to play an instrument, becoming fluent in a new language, or conquering an athletic endeavor—you’ll need to learn how to stop procrastinating once and for all.

Break It Down

More often than not, the root cause of procrastination stems from feeling overwhelmed with the task at hand, so we procrastinate to avoid the situation. Rather than choose such an unproductive route, try breaking the task or goal down into smaller chunks instead. Focus on accomplishing one small piece first before thinking of the bigger picture. Doing so will help the task seem less daunting and way more manageable. 

Avoid Procrastination Pitfalls

When trying to break a bad habit, it’s best to avoid situations and circumstances that can trigger the behavior. In the case of procrastination, this means staying away from popular time sucks like Netflix, Instagram, or video games. Whatever your procrastination vice may be, you’ll want to steer clear or at least limit those activities or environments that make it easy to procrastinate.

Take Up a New Activity

Another effective way to stop procrastinating is by filling your time with an exciting and fun activity instead. Think guitar lessons, cooking classes, mountain climbing…any feel-good activity that you can put your energy and time into. The busier you are, the less downtime you’ll have and thus, the less likely you’ll be to procrastinate.

Surround Yourself with Doers

The very best way to stop procrastinating and accomplish more is by associating with people who have the same mindset. The fact is people who have their own set of goals don’t make it a habit to procrastinate often. If they’re true go-getters, you’re bound to be inspired by them, and adopt some of their good habits, too. For even better results, find a buddy or enlist the help of a mentor to support and encourage your efforts. After all, it’s true what they say… be your best by learning from the best!

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