4 Ways to Spark Your Child’s Interest in Music

The benefits of music are well known, with several studies indicating a significant and positive impact on kids in particular. In fact, learning an instrument can help children develop discipline, good social skills, and boost self-esteem. If these sound like traits you’d like your child to develop, keep reading. 

The truth is there are several things parents can do to help children foster an interest in music and reap the benefits of music in return. Follow the tips below to spark your child’s interest in music.

1. Start at Home

As the saying goes, everything starts at home — and this is especially true for music. It doesn’t matter if you’re musically inclined or not. What matters is that you make music a positive and exciting experience for your kid. This can be accomplished in so many ways, from impromptu jam sessions at home with nothing more than pots and pans to actively listening to tunes with your child. The more you immerse your home in music, the more likely your child will start to love music.

2. Attend Concerts

Concerts are another great way to spur your child’s interest in music and motivate them to dream big. While it’s fun to attend concerts by big-name musicians, don’t forget about the lesser-known  musicians. By attending shows at smaller venues around Phoenix and Scottsdale, you’ll help your child broaden their musical repertoire and support local musicians in the process.

3. Turn to Professionals

Professionals exist for a reason. They make the process (whatever it is) easier, faster, and more effective than simply going it alone — and the same holds true for music. If you want your child to reap the benefits of music, then the answer is simple: sign them up for music lessons! Let an experienced music pro teach your child how to play an instrument. The seasoned and talented music instructors at Scottsdale Music Academy make each and every lesson fun, ensuring your child stays interested in music for years to come. 

4. Be Involved

There’s no doubt that music lessons are tremendously advantageous to a child’s musical development, but that doesn’t mean parents can just sit back and relax. To ensure your child succeeds in their musical endeavors, you must be involved in the process, too. Simple things like showing an interest in what they’re learning, encouraging them when they get frustrated, and kindly reminding them to practice can have more of an impact than you might think. In other words, you need to be their biggest fan! A parent’s gentle nurturing and encouragement can make all the difference in the world.

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