Seeking a Career in Music?

Seeking a Career in Music?

seeking a career in music?For years, our music students have looked to us for ways to turn their musical passions into something more than a hobby. Music students like the ones at Scottsdale Music Academy are keen on making music an integral part of their professional lives.

Some students are perfectly suited for the stage. Their talent, poise and personality shines through and it’s apparent to anyone who sees them perform that the stage is a perfect place to try to build a career. Other students seem better suited for using their musical skills in support positions. Once they get to a good skill level, they may opt to teach guitar or piano to other beginners on the side. Some students may want to simply become songwriters and aim for a goal of getting songs with major publishers.

Finding the right path to a music career takes work, effort and dedication. Let’s look at some areas of guidance for the aspiring music professional:


–       Create opportunities: Music publishers, record labels and club owners aren’t just looking for the most technically adept musician to work with. Just as in any other industry, business owners want to see how you create opportunities for yourself in field. For example, if you’re a songwriter looking to work in songwriting publishing, you might save up money and attend the right trade shows for songwriters. Check out the ASCAP Expo in April in Los Angeles or hit the SXSW Music Festival & Conference in Austin, TX in March.  By showing that you know how to pick up the reins and create opportunities for yourself, music industry types may take notice and look to work with you at some point.

–       Have the right attitude: It’s a fact that people want to work with agreeable people. If you’re arrogant, pushy, dismissive of others or just plain hard to get along with, then you might not see the right kind of opportunities come your way. Be open to suggestions, say ‘Yes’ at everything you can that’s within reason around your musical goals, and take constructive criticism well from others. You’ll find that having the right attitude in a music career is half the battle to winning.

–       Be realistic in your musical goals: Be realistic about your own talents and skills. If you are just an OK guitar player, but really excel on the piano, find ways to lend your piano talents to people. Maybe a friend is making a video for a class project, and you offer to do a piano background score. Or maybe you can take a part-time job in a piano store to soak in all the technical knowledge that you can.

Good music students can make great business leaders in music occupations. Whether you want to work for a digital music company, music streaming services, cruise ship bands, cover bands, music promotion or another area, it’s up to you to have the right attitude to move forth. We at Scottsdale Music Academy in Scottsdale, AZ can help you achieve that good attitude and smarts. If you have an interest in music performing or a music career, join us! Your first lesson is free! Seek out your musical passions at Scottsdale Music Academy!

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