5 Ways to Practice Drums Without a Drum Set

5 Ways to practice drumming without a drum setEvery aspiring drummer knows that practice is paramount to becoming a drumstick-wielding rock god — but many may be surprised to learn that practicing the drums doesn’t always have to include a drum set. Although learning to play the drums requires a significant amount of time spent behind a drum kit, practicing the drums sans drum set is still doable and not as crazy as it seems. With a little creativity and a pinch of resourcefulness, your next drum practice can be achieved without a drum set. Let us teach you how!

But first, you’re probably wondering why someone would need or even want to learn how to practice the drums without a drum set. Surprisingly, there are several scenarios in which a drumless drum practice might actually be preferred. Such as:


  • For those just starting drum lessons and not quite ready to invest in a full drum kit
  • For those still researching which drum set to buy
  • For those who want to practice, but need to minimize the noise


No matter the reason, practicing the drums without a drum set can help keep your skills sharp and add a little variety to your normal practice routine at the same time. Here are four way to practice your drumming skills like you never have before…and have fun while doing so!


  1. Use Your Body

No drumming equipment? No problem! You can still practice your drumming rudiments by using the most rudimentary tool known to man: the human body.  So ditch the sticks and drum heads for a day and replace them with your own two hands and feet. After all, your body is a mix of percussion tools in disguise just waiting to be used. So slap, beat, and stomp along to some music to practice your rhythm and overall coordination, all of which will compliment your drumming skills.


  1. Buy a Practice Pad

Practice pads or drum pads are a great, quiet substitute to practicing on real drums. These small, portable pads are specially made to provide the same rebound and feel that an actual drum set would, but without resulting in nearly as much noise. If you need to muffle your drum practice and also want to improve your stick control, drumming on a practice pad is the only way to go.


  1. Utilize Your Pillow

You probably think that your pillow is only good for daydreaming of becoming a brilliant drummer. Think again! Believe it or not, your pillow can actually double as a drum set. Practicing drumming on your pillow can be very beneficial because, unlike drums, pillows have no rebound. This lack of rebound will automatically make you work harder to control your wrist movement and speed. In fact, drumming on a pillow is an old technique that many famous drummers have used to enhance their skills. It worked for them, and it can work for you, too!


  1. Go Digital

If you’re looking to take your drum practice on the go or need some way to hold you over until your next drum lesson with Scottsdale Music Academy, there’s no better option than apps. With hundreds of useful apps for musicians available at the touch of a fingertip, finding a drumming app to fit your specific music needs shouldn’t be a problem. For a virtual drum practice that provides both entertainment and education, we recommend Real Drum because it’s easy to use and simulates a real drumming experience, but with the use of fingers instead of drumsticks.


While practicing drumming without a drum set is definitely possible, there’s no arguing with the fact that to really learn how to play the drums, time behind an actual drum set is needed. Like the saying goes, “there’s no substitute for the real thing.”  However, you can absolutely use these drumless practice activities to supplement your normal practice sessions and shake up your learning process.

If you’re looking for an even more effective way to strengthen your drumming skills, nothing beats our drum lessons taught by Scottsdale’s most talented and professional musicians. Give us a call today at 602-751-3537 to set up your first music lesson completely on us!

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