Learn About the Effect of Music on Us

Anyone who has met our staff at Scottsdale Music Academy knows that we’re a fun, active and engaged group of musicians. We love playing AND teaching music. And we’re part of that community of people where music has a very strong effect on our mood. We want to give you the best music lessons in Scottsdale, and in doing it, give you the right inner mood too!


The Effect of Music

Music has shown to have incredible effects on the body, mind, and spirit. People regularly turn to music to lift one’s moods. Other people revel in music that’s introspective, downbeat and insular. Audio therapists are now using various forms of music to combat and offset depression in people of all ages. And music fans of all ages all seem to have their favorite type of music to enhance their mood.

What music you find to boost your mood is very important. The right music can lift your spirits, boost your endorphins (like exercise) and lead you to meet others on a social level who are into similar music.


Music for Certain Moods

One recent study found that powerful, positive music can enhance a person’s mood. But likewise, for those in mourning or suffering the blues, sad quiet songs can act as a comfort, rather than a punishment on a person. Inevitably, a person needs to find the right connection, the right magic in their chosen music, to see how it impacts their life.

Many churchgoers find that spiritual hymns are uplifting and add much to their daily lives. Other people find the energetic bleeps of electronic dance music to be the right kind of antidote to lift one’s spirits. And still, others find a couple of rock n roll guitar chords played in the right order can just do wonders for their psyche!

Music is a healing, soothing experience for many people. They say that when a person is feeling down, music can take the place of a friend, acting as an empathetic partner. Happy music can be the right salve too, depending on the time, place and circumstances.

Most people know or can tell how a song, a style of music or a certain tempo can affect them. But you need to pay attention to your inner mood to really feel the power of music on you.


Our team at Scottsdale Music Academy talks with our students, finding out what types of music is right for them. We’ll work with you to develop skills to play music that boost your spirits, not drop them down. Wanna learn more? Check our website and call us at (602) 751-3537 to learn about lessons – your first one is free with us.


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