Making Drumming Fun and Easy!

Do you have a youngster or teen in your house always right in time with the rhythm of songs? You know who we’re talking about – that boy or girl who’s beating out a rhythm on their tops of thighs with their hands. Their sense of rhythm is remarkable, and that’s when you realize that drum lessons might be a good fit for them to move further ahead.


Drum students at Scottsdale Music Academy get personalized attention from our drum instructors that includes:

 Drum lessons easy and funCustomized lessons

Music theory

Personalized video lessons

Monthly workshops

Monthly jam sessions

Music clinics


Students will learn the basics of managing steady rhythms, keeping in time (a most important ingredient for a drummer!), how to tune drum heads to a sharper, in-tune sound, how to physically sit and play properly and much more. More specifically, your son or daughter will find that drumming is fun and easy!


Bring the Beat!

Let’s look at some founding methods to getting a good rhythm going and learning some drumming basics. To do these, you’ll have some facility around a drum kit. First, let’s talk about what your hands can do on the hi-hat and snare drum.


  • The Hi-Hat: Get a simple 4/4 beat going with your right drum stick on the hi-hat. 1-2-3-4. Count it out in any tempo that works for you – One, Two, Three, Four. Start out easy and slow, say this pattern out loud and stay in the correct rhythm.


  • The Snare Drum: While you keep the hi-hat rhythm going with the right drumstick, now start drumming the left drum stick down onto the snare drum. Hit the snare drum on the 2nd and 4th beats of the four count beat. 1 – 2 (snare) – 3 – 4 (snare)This is the rock steady beat you want to hear. Our instructors spend a good amount of time with students helping them to master this simple but essential drum pattern.


Now, while the hands are working the hi-hat and snare drum, your feet are busy too.


  • The Kick Drum: Seated at the drum kit, the student’s right leg and foot will be pushing the kick drum pedal to get a 4/4 kick drum sound along with the rhythm being played with the arms and sticks.


  • The Hi-Hat: In the same way, the rhythm will be accentuated by the left leg pushing on the hi-hat pedal to open and close the hi-hat cymbal. This will be done in accordance with the kick drum and along the overall rhythm.


With some solid practice lessons and rehearsals, a student will get this basic pattern down to a formidable rhythm. And that fun and easy drum technique will form the basis of what can become much more advanced. drum styles. Scottsdale Music Academy is the place to start your child on drum lessons. Call us at 602-751-3537 to learn more about our facility, times, rates, instructors and more. And remember, the first lesson you take with us is always FREE!

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