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Singing is one of the most natural ways to express oneself in music. People sing in the shower, in their bedrooms, and over their favorite music videos through new apps like  Peolpe who want to become great singers should put in proper practice and training on their voices, and strengthen their ability to sing a soaring chorus like Adele!


At Scottsdale Music Academy, our music teachers work with our singing students on all facets of great voice raining for excellent singing. Here are some of the top bits of advice they give to our singing students.



  • Posture and position – To be a great singer means getting the most output from your throat, larynx, and abdomen. We work with vocalists to give them the proper position to stand and project strong volume with their voice. This is accomplished by keeping your head upright, your chest out and ready, your legs and feet comfortably placed for a good balance. Once you have the right body position for singing, then it’s time to work on breathing.


  • Breathing methods – Every successful singer, whether it’s Frank Sinatra, Rod Stewart, Justin Timberlake, or Lukas Graham, knows the importance of good breathing to enunciate syllables and sing words and phrases. Breathing properly in singing helps singers to stretch out syllables over melodies, reach higher notes in choruses, and move their mouth quicker to rap faster. To breathe better, our singer learn to open up their chest and lungs, and breathe in and out deeply as a warmup. Great singing comes from the abdomen, which helps to lift the sounds from a singer up and out through the chest and out of the mouth.


  • Warm-up vocalizing – Every good performer knows the importance of a vocal warm-up. Some teachers offer different ways to loosen up the tongue and mouth muscles with a variety of “Ah-ah-ah-ah-ahs” and Oh-ohhhhh-Oh-ohhhhh” types of exercises. Any kind of stage performer or recording artist performs better when they are loosened up with their mouth and throat. It also helps to stay loosened up by singing whenever you can.


  • Singing Lessons Practice – If your son or daughter is passionate about singing, we encourage you to take vocal lessons in Scottsdale. Our SMA vocal coaches can help in many ways with singing pitch, musical tone, sight-reading, lead vocals, harmonies, and live performance. We’ll walk you through the key ingredients to turn you into a better singer, and work with you closely to move your singing levels up to a higher standard.


  • Healthy Eating and Drinking – Singing is a demanding exercise that pushes a student to sometimes reach deep to get musical notes they didn’t know they had! To do this, a healthy body makes for a better singer. Drink a lot of water (at least 8 glasses a day) and that will help keep your voice lubricated in the dry desert air of Scottsdale. Avoiding big meals before singing is also a good tip, as the weight of the food in your abdomen can affect your singing. Plus, in-shape singer just look better while singing, right? 🙂


So there is some good advice for your singer in training. If you’re ready to step up and become a great singer, contact Scottsdale Music Academy – we’ve got the instructors to get you singing well in just a few lessons. You’ll be amazed at how much your singing ability will improve in just as few weeks as a student of Scottsdale Music Academy. Call us at 602-751-3537 to learn more about our facility, times, rates, instructors and more. And remember, the first lesson with us is always FREE!

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