The Advantages of Learning Music as an Adult

The Advantages of Learning Music as an AdultIf you think that learning to play a musical instrument is just for the young, think again. Contrary to what many adults believe, music has no age limit. If you’ve ever toyed with the idea of learning to play an instrument and want to upgrade from Rock Band to the real thing, now’s the time to ditch the excuses and the false notion that it’s too late to start.  At Scottsdale Music Academy, we know that learning music as an adult is possible because we’ve seen it happen. Through our adult music lessons in Scottsdale, we’ve been able to witness adults of all ages quickly pick up an instrument and throw down notes with the best of them, proving that age really is just a number.

Still doubtful that learning to play music as an adult is truly doable? Then, read on. Here are three reasons why learning music as an adult — whether on one’s own or through music lessons — is actually better than it seems.

  1. You’re in Control

Unlike some youth music lessons (NOT  like the ones at SMA), adult music lessons allow you to call the shots and be fully in charge of your own learning. As an adult music student, you won’t have to listen to the orders of parents or feel forced to learn in a method that doesn’t suit you. You’re free to learn music in the way that you want, and you’ll be equipped with the skills to voice your needs and wants in a way you couldn’t if you were younger.


  1. Learning is Maximized

As kids, we often underestimate the importance of learning and view it as a chore, rather than an opportunity to enrich our lives and add to our knowledge database. But, luckily, most adults view learning in a completely different way. Adult music students want to learn and are eager to develop their skills as musicians. This translates into focused practice, unwavering determination, and general excitement. When learning to play an instrument is approached with this mindset, it makes the process not only enjoyable, but success nearly inevitable.


  1. Music Listening Experience Counts

Although adult music students may not have any technical knowledge when it comes to notes, instruments or making music, the two things they do have is years of music listening experience and strongly developed musical tastes. Having this background can help adults connect the dots between what they’re learning and what they’re listening to. Similarly, knowing what sorts of music speaks to them most gives adult music students a clear vision for the type of music they want to play and the musician they want to become.

No matter what, age shouldn’t prevent you from exploring your musical interests. Learning music as an adult isn’t as challenging as it seems — all you need is a little help and guidance. With our adult music lessons in Scottsdale, we’ll push you to live out your dreams to the fullest and prove to you that music is meant for all ages.
So what are you waiting for? Get a move on and sign up for adult music lessons! As George Eliot put it, “It is never too late to be what you might have been.”

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