Why Music Lessons Are Good for Kids

Benifits of Kids Learning Music

Parents want to help their children and teens improve their overall development. Music is a terrific way for our kids to express their creative abilities, and it can also help in stimulating higher levels of language, hearing and rhythm capabilities. Taking music lessons in Scottsdale is one of those beneficial ways.

Studies have shown that kids are very receptive to rhymes and rhythms. Early musical training also helps to develop areas of the brain related to everything from reasoning to hand eye coordination.  In addition having a good grasp of these areas of music can help to improve memory skills and recall details days, months, and even years later.


Here are five ways that music lessons are good for kids!




  • Music inspires creativity in kids – It goes without saying that music is a creative pursuit and helps kids think in new ways. Playing guitar is a wonderful experience for a boy or a girl, and they bring their own unique way in their approach to the instrument. Music creativity brings inspiration in not only the music, but other parts of life too.


  • Music training boosts language skills – The left side of our brain controls several key cognitive elements, including language skills and processing written and spoken information. As children and teens hear music, they understand the rhythms and language that build connections with receptors in their brain. All of this helps kids to develop literacy skills and word recognition.


  • Music improves motor skills and reasoning skills – Music lessons help to introduce specific patterns for reasoning in our brains. Studies have shown that music training pushes kids to think ahead while playing music pieces. Lessons also help to visualize music sections ahead, which improves reasoning and motor skills.


  • Music lessons improve memory skills – It’s true, trained musicians have different brains for remembering things. And it trickles down to kids taking music lessons. Kids in music lessons or with training in music for 1-3 years recall 20% more vocabulary words that kids without musical training. Music lessons provide ability for kids to remember patterns, beats, chords, lyrics and more. And for parents, maybe they will also remember to clean their rooms!


  • Music builds IQ levelsStudies over the years have shown that children’s intelligence quotient (IQ) increased significantly after taking piano lessons or guitar lessons. Students getting music lessons were able to apply some of what they learned in music training into their classroom activities, with higher scores than non-music students.


Introducing music lessons in a child’s formative years can truly improve the child’s overall development. In fact, it can be a positive force in adults’ lives too! If you’re looking ahead to the fall months and seeking a new hobby, consider guitar lessons in Scottsdale at the Scottsdale Music Academy. We have classes for vocals, guitar, piano, bass, drums and other instruments. Your first lesson with us is FREE! Learn more about our facility, times, rates, instructors and more at 602-751-3537.

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