Why Learning Bass Is Awesome

Bringin’ the Funk!

Many beginner students at Scottsdale Music Academy find that bass lessons in Scottsdale is the easiest first step in starting their musical education. There’s good reason for that. Bass guitar playing often forms the foundation (the ‘bottom’) of the song’s structure; it can set the pulse or the groove of the song too.

Think of the bass playing on Bruno Mars’ “Uptown Funk” – the bass forms a melodic and rhythmic bottom to the song. Or an even better (but older) mark of bass playing is the classic Queen song Another One Bites the Dust which bassist John Deacon played after hanging around the disco recording outfit Chic in the mid 70s. Seems like some of that uptown funk rubbed off on the Englishman.

‘Another One Bites the Dust’

Bass Notes

Learning to play bass guitar is easier for some students of ours because of the less complicated notes and chords for beginning bass playing. Initially, playing the fatter strings and hearing the amplifier’s low, raw sound helps beginner students to find their rhythm in music making. First and foremost, hearing a loud bass guitar is an exciting physical experience. Even playing the main riff of a song like Talking Heads’ “Psycho Killer” helps to provides goosebumps for beginner bass players.

“Psycho Killer”

Our bass guitar teachers at Scottsdale Music Academy understand the benefits of learning how to play this highly unique instrument. Click over to our website to learn how our music teachers can provide bass lessons that help our youth and adult students learn to play bass correctly from the start. You’ll learn where to position your fingers around the neck, how to plunk the notes with your fingers and how to glide your fingers up and down the fretboard to achieve the looping bass sound heard on many great songs over the years.

If you’ve got a heart for the deep rumble of the bass sound, then contact us to get your game playing ramped up. You’ll get professional tips and modern techniques to learn how to play bass solidly.

After a few weeks, our bass students often plucking notes to their their favorite bass lines and songs. Once you get the basic root notes down for bass playing, then our teachers will start to escalate your playing with arpeggio chords and harmonic bass note playing.

It’s all about fun musical learning at Scottsdale Music Academy. Come check us out and see what it’s all about. Your first lesson is on us! Call us at 602-751-3537 today!

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