After School Music Lessons!

Schools are back in session! In the next few weeks here in Scottsdale, Arizona, kids are returning to classes in elementary, middle and high schools. And with that change in schedule, parents are looking for new after-school activities for their kids. Maybe it’s time for music lessons!

 Learning how to play guitar, bass, drums, and piano can be an invigorating time in a teen’s life. Playing a musical instrument in a studio with focused instruction not only increases the kid’s knowledge skills and memory capabilities, but also brings a big dose of fun into his or her life!

At Scottsdale Music Academy, our positive and encouraging music instructors provide the best quality in music instruction. We provide lessons for what your son and daughter really wants to get good at – rockin’ out on an instrument! Most of all, we aim to provide a music learning atmosphere that’s fun for everyone!

Your child will get one-on-one focused attention from our instructors through our private lessons option. That’s where your kid can test out different styles of music to play. If he hears a song on Spotify the night before, we can dial it up and try to work on it at the next lesson. We’re flexible – just like your kids’ tastes are! We’ll also help them to discover songs that might work for their talent level.


One parent’s review of our instruction is on our Scottsdale Music Academy Facebook page – it reads:

“My son has been at Scottsdale Music Academy for 5+ years. His musicianship and overall playing ability has skyrocketed in the last year and I give John Davis and his crew credit for fostering skills, fun, and confidence in both his individual and group playing.”

That’s exactly what we’re shooting for – increasing your child’s playing ability, fun levels and confidence!


If you’d like to bring your child in for after-school lessons, call us at 602-751-3537. Or visit our Scottsdale Music Academy website to learn about taking guitar lessons in Scottsdale. We have classes for vocals, guitar, piano, bass, drums and other instruments. And – your first lesson with us is FREE!


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