The Best After School Activities

after school activities scottsdale, phoenix, paradise valley, desert ridge, glendaleFor some kids in Phoenix and Scottsdale, school is back in full swing, and for others, it’s right around the corner! While kids are deciding what supplies to get, whom to sit with in the cafeteria, and which courses will require the most work, there’s another important decision that needs to be made: after school activities. Now’s the time for kids (and parents) to decide which activities they’ll participate in this school year.

As most informed parents know, afterschool activities are a great way to keep kids occupied, out of trouble, and learning new skills. While there are a variety of amazing after school programs for children to choose from, music lessons are always high on the list, and for good reason! Not only do music lessons teach kids how to play an instrument and become a better musician, they also provide kids with a number of other benefits. In fact, music lessons are the perfect after school activity.

Here’s why:

Fosters Social Skills

Music lessons are a great way to build social skills. Often times, the classroom doesn’t provide enough time or the right environment for kids to really connect to one another and form meaningful relationships. After school activities like music lessons provide ample tim e for kids to interact with other kids across Scottsdale, Phoenix, and Paradise Valley while bonding over a common interest and learning what it means to be part of a supportive community.


Promotes Structure and Discipline

Part of being a good musician means practicing consistently and with intention. New students of music lessons will learn that structure and discipline are the  keys to becoming a successful musician. With their instructor’s guidance, they’ll learn how to implement more discipline into their routine and will learn how to make practice a regular habit. Not only will these skills help to make students better at music, they’ll also translate to other areas of their lives in positive ways.


Boosts Self-Confidence

One of the easiest ways to boost a kid’s self-confidence is through music lessons. With music lessons, a child will see their efforts pay off and will, in turn, feel good about themselves and their achievements. Music lessons also come with a built-in supportive community of instructors, fellow students, and friends and family who will encourage and motivate the student throughout the learning process. That support combined with opportunities for students to showcase their skills in front of a live audience is the perfect recipe for increased self-confidence!


Something For Everyone

One of the best things about music lessons is the variety it offers. Music lessons have something for everyone. Whether you’re just looking for a fun hobby or have dreams of touring around the country, music lessons can help with both. Just like no two musicians are alike, no two music lessons or music lesson instructors are alike either. You’ll always be learning something new, expanding your skills, and having fun in the process!

Whether you’re looking to polish your vocals, jam with others, or shred the guitar like no other, Scottsdale Music Academy is the place for it all. Give us a call at (602) 751-3537 to try out a lesson for yourself!


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