Attention Parents: Here’s How To Help Your Kids Build Confidence

All parents can agree there’s no greater joy than raising a happy, confident kid. While the happiness part is fairly easy to ensure (most of the time), making sure your child is confident is a bit more challenging. Confidence isn’t something most children are naturally born with, but rather something that is built over time.Luckily, there are a variety of ways parents can help bolster their children’s confidence—one of which is by enrolling them in music lessons.


Yes, you read that right…music lessons are not only a terrific source of fun and artistic expression, they also help to boost children’s self-esteem and sense of accomplishment, both of which are key elements needed to feel confident and proud of one’s self. If you’re wondering exactly how music builds confidence in kids, below we outlined all of the various ways music aids in a kid’s sense of self worth.



  1. Challenges Kids in a Healthy Way

Everyone knows that learning to play an instrument is hard work. Even with music lessons and an attentive, caring instructor to guide the learning process, there are still plenty of times when a student will struggle to learn something right away. In fact, obstacles are pretty much inevitable when learning to play an instrument, but when students are able to persevere through that they gain the greatest reward: a feeling of accomplishment and pride.  Conquering challenges and mastering something that at once seemed hard is critical to silencing self-doubt and building confidence.  


  1. Promotes social interaction

On the surface, it might not seem like confidence and social interaction are linked, but, in fact, they are. Think about it. Our world revolves around social interaction and possessing adequate social skills will make it so much easier for your child to navigate those tricky socially-charged school halls and lunch room. Music lessons are a perfect place for your child to practice their intrapersonal skills, interact with their peers outside of school, and gain all the music knowledge to impress their schoolmates!  To boil it down, a confident kid is one that feels comfortable in his own skin, knows what to say no matter the situation, and can pick up on social cues—all of which kids can learn through music lessons!


  1. Provides a Support System

While confidence comes from within, it doesn’t come solely by one’s self.  In order to possess confidence, seeds of encouragement and praise must be planted first. That’s where music lessons come in! The wonderful thing about music lessons (besides the fact that you learn how to play an instrument and get to play cool songs) is that it comes with a personal cheering squad. No where else do kids find such support, encouragement, and compassion than within the music community. From caring music instructors to comforting peers and more, music lessons provide children with all the positive reinforcement and uplifting words needed to enable them to believe in themselves.


While music lessons make for the ideal support system and confidence booster, the biggest source of a healthy self-esteem comes from you, the parent. Help your child build confidence by supporting their dreams, showing an interest in their interests and cheering them on even when they stumble.The sum it up, music lessons are the ultimate way for children to build confidence, but parents have to do their part as well! The bottom line is a nurtured and loved kid is a confident kid!


If you’re considering music lessons for your kid (or even for yourself), come check out all we have to offer at Scottsdale Music Academy. We teach students from all over the valley, not just in Scottsdale, Phoenix, and Paradise Valley. Stop by our studio to meet our team and see for yourself how transformative music lessons can be!


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