3 Tips For Singers To Engage Their Audience

Listen up, singers…we’re about to reveal the formula for putting on a perfect performance. Number one, of course, (as everyone can guess) is knowing how to sing well. With voice lessons, lots of practice, and a little determination, you’ll be a singing machine in no time! But the lesser known ingredient needed for an applause-worthy performance doesn’t actually involve singing at all. Instead, it boils down to a singer’s stage presence and connection with the audience.


Just think about the best concert you’ve ever been to. No doubt the vocals were amazing, but odds are the singer or band’s interaction with the crowd was just as amazing. To give a memorable performance, singers must make their personality shine on stage and make an effort to engage with the audience.


So what are some ways singers can achieve that? Well, we’re glad you asked! Our Scottsdale voice lesson instructors know a thing or two about how to engage the audience and pique their interests. Below are some of their best tips.


  1. Ask For Their Participation


Don’t be shy when it comes to engaging the crowd and getting them involved. The easiest way to get the audience up and out of their seats is by directly involving them in your performance. Ask them to clap their hands, stomp their feet, or sing along if they know the lyrics. A live and attentive crowd will automatically amp up the energy of the show and invigorate your performance.


  1.  Make Your Stories Their Stories


I don’t know about you, but I love when a musician shares some personal info about themselves or their music. Not only does it make the performance more personal, it also acts as an interlude between songs. But make sure to do more than just talk at the audience. The key to  entertaining stage talk is to keep the audience interested by establishing a connection with them and talking to them like you would a friend. For example, instead of saying “I wrote this song after a terrible breakup” trying phrasing it in a way that takes the audience’s experiences into account. Something more along the lines of “How many of you have had your hearts broken?” immediately draws the audience in and allows them to share the experience with you. Be sure to tell your stories in a way that feels intimate, relatable, and, most of all, interesting. Trust us, the audience will love it!


  1. Move Around


This one might seem pretty basic,  but you’d be surprised how many singers forget to move while they’re on stage and basically turn into living statues. Although the frozen look might work for some, most singers perform better if they move around a bit. While crazy dance moves and aerial techniques are always great, you don’t need to be that advanced with your moves! In reality, a little movement is all that’s needed. Even the slightest movement while on stage can go a long ways to boosting your performance. That’s because the more you move around, the more you’ll attract the audience’s gaze. Simple things like nodding your head, gesturing with your arms, or even just smiling at the audience will boost your stage presence and draw the attention of the crowd.


No matter how excellent of a singer you are or how many voices lessons you’ve had, if you have no stage presence and can’t naturally engage the audience then your performance will likely be dull and boring. Remember, a stellar performance starts and ends with the audience. If you make an effort to interact with the crowd during your performance, you are guaranteed to earn fans for life!

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