The Best Music Marketing Strategies for 2020

In our digitally-connected world, it’s easier than ever for musicians today to promote their music and expand their reach. Thanks to social media and the internet, a musician can successfully market themselves without needing a lot of moolah or an extensive music marketing plan.

If you’re a local musician in Phoenix, Scottsdale or Tempe who wants to take their music to the next level, this post is for you! Below is a list of easy yet super effective music marketing strategies to get your music noticed and get you the attention you deserve!

Get Online

The number one way to build a fan base and make a name for yourself (besides hard work and music lessons, of course) is to get online. By that, we mean you need to have an online presence that should include a website, multiple social media accounts, and online videos or demos if possible. In reality, the majority of your music marketing strategies will be done online.

Invest in Social

In addition to having an online presence, you need to be active online. While a website and videos are a great start for marketing your music, you’ll want to take your music marketing strategies one step further and actually make use of your social media accounts to really see a benefit. Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are great tools for promoting your music and showing off your skills. Our best advice is to post as often as you can. But make sure the content your posting is relevant and interesting to your fans and fellow musicians. Topics like upcoming shows, gear reviews and behind-the-scenes content all make for great social media posts.

Be Responsive

To boost your social media efforts, be sure to engage with your followers. Start a dialogue with them and make all the effort necessary to respond to comments or questions. This will give you the chance to show off your personality and build a real connection with your followers, which in turn will get them interested to learn more about you.

Incorporate Offline Tactics 

Last, but not least, an effective music marketing plan will have a face-to-face component. For example, it’s a good idea to reach out to local event centers, coffee shops, restaurants, or wedding venues to look for opportunities for live shows. While sending prospective venues a link to your website or online demos is a great start, to really stand out it’s best to meet in person. Set up a time to meet the owner of the establishment and be sure to bring your instrument and be ready to play if asked. It’s also important that you do your research beforehand to make sure your musical style fits the vibe of the venue. 

Ultimately, playing at local venues is a great way to grow your fanbase and introduce your music to new people. Once you land a gig, don’t forget to ask them to announce your show via their social media channels to get even more exposure!

For more helpful tips from real-life musicians, contact Scottsdale Music Academy or sign up for our guitar, voice, bass, or drum lessons to fine-tune your music skills!

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