The Benefits of Learning Music Theory

Music theory can be described as the common language understood by musicians in regards to composition. Understanding this language can lead to endless possibilities when it comes to writing, playing and listening to all of the different types of music. When people hear the term “music theory,” one’s mind may go straight to the thought of classically composed music, but music theory is used in all genres and situations within the musical world. That is why the benefits of learning music theory are so great.


One of the biggest benefits of learning music theory is that it will really help in making you feel more comfortable and confident when playing in a group. Some of the best musicians out there that have a good grasp of music theory are able to play in any environment because music theory gives them the knowledge they need to bounce off of other musicians. For example, knowing your basic music theory will give you the ability to recognize what key other musicians are playing in, and then understand what notes fit into that key. This opens up tons of variety for interesting chord progressions and lead guitar playing.


Another important benefit to note about learning music theory is that it can greatly increase your creativity. While yes, the thought of learning and studying theory might not sound like the most appealing thing to do, especially in the category of music, it will open up doors to different patterns and formulas of music. This will then allow you to explore new, creative ways to compose music.


Although sight-reading is not used as much in modern styles of music, it is still a good skill to have as a musician. Learning music theory can actually help you become a better sight-reader through the process of identifying patterns, learning what chords most commonly go together and knowing why certain songs are structured the way that they are. Having an understanding of music theory takes lots of time and practice, but it is well worth it in the end. All of these benefits and more that come from learning music theory will ultimately lead you to become a better overall musician as time goes on.

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