How to Take Better Care of Your Gear as a Guitarist

Let’s be honest, the gear that is out there for guitarists to buy can be very expensive in some instances. This includes amps, pedals, cases, guitars and so much more. For some musicians, purchasing a new piece of gear can be a long-awaited and well-deserved moment. That is why when you get your hands on the gear that you love, it is of utmost importance to take care of it and treat it with respect. To take better care of your gear as a guitarist means to always keep in mind the steps to take when using it, storing it and transporting it.


Taking good care of your guitars is key to their functionality, durability and overall condition. One good habit to take on when it comes to maintaining your guitars is to put them back in their cases. Sometimes after playing, it is easy to get distracted and forget about your instruments, but putting them back in their respective cases can protect against a variety of potential damages that could come to your guitars. In addition, another good way to maintain and take care of your guitars is to control the temperature and humidity of the environment in which your guitars are stored in, especially for acoustic guitars. A great way to do this is to invest in a humidifier that can be kept in your cases when your instruments are not being used. Properly restringing your instruments and cleaning them also contributes to the overall quality of your guitars. Whenever restringing any acoustic or electric guitar, it is always good to take your time and do it correctly in order to preserve the shape of the neck. This is also a great time to wipe down the neck and frets of your guitars.


Guitar amplifiers are among the most expensive pieces of gear for a guitar player. That is why taking care of them is necessary for extending their longevity and quality. When transporting your amp, it is a good idea to keep it in a rolling case to protect it from any damages that could come along the way. Also, keeping your amp in a rolling case will make moving it an overall easier process.

In regards to taking care of the electronics in your amp, there are a few things you should do. One being that every time your amp is powered up, you should give it time to warm up before you begin playing. This puts less wear on the electronics and will keep your amp working for a long time.

Not only will taking care of your gear maintain their quality, but it will also keep you from having to frequently buy more expensive items. As a musician, treating your gear with respect is something to live by every day.

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