Talking Points For Singers: What To Say Between Songs

Any serious singer knows how critical live shows are and just how nerve-racking they can be. When gearing up for a live show, singers will no doubt rack up all the practice hours they can, squeezing in as many voice lessons as possible, perfecting their set list, and working on their showmanship. However, one major component singers often fail to prepare for is what to say to the crowd in between songs.

Between-song banter may seem like a no brainer, but more singers crash and burn on this front than you might think.  Trust me, when those bright lights are beating down on you and you’re transitioning from one song to the next, your communication skills will fly right out the window! And there’s nothing worse, both from a singer’s perspective and an audience member’s, than moments of absolute silence during a concert. Think about a bad first date when conversing seems like such a struggle and every little moment of silence is the definition of awkward.  Silence during song changes is like that–except worse.

To banish those moments of awkwardness in between songs, here are some useful things you can say to the audience to engage with them and show off your personality.


Introduce Yourself

No matter where you’re playing or whom you’re playing to, always assume the crowd is unfamiliar with you and your music. Odds are there’s someone in the audience that’s hearing you sing for the first time that night. Thus, it’s beneficial to use the transition time between songs to introduce yourself.  Be sure to mention how long you’ve been singing, what defines your musical style, and anything else you want the crowd to know about you. Remember, this is your first interaction with the audience, so make it a good one!


Explain the Song

It’s always helpful to give a little background on a song, especially if it’s a rather meaningful one or one that is different from your usual repertoire. Pick out a few songs beforehand that fall into either of these categories and think about what you want to convey about that particular song. You can talk about its stylistic characteristics, its origins, or what you personally love about it. The more details you can give about a song, the more likely the crowd will connect with it and appreciate it on a deeper level.


Build Your Fanbase

One of the best ways to utilize between song banter is to build your fanbase. When transitioning from one song to the next, be sure to promote your social media accounts and ask audience members to follow you online. By connecting with fans online, you’ll be able to stay in touch with them post-performance and easily notify them of future gigs.


Thank Those Who Matter

When wrapping up your performance, it’s nice to thank the audience for attending and acknowledge those who made the show possible and helped set up. Everyone likes to be appreciated, so giving sincere and heartfelt thanks is never a bad idea!

If you’re like most singers who struggle with what to say on stage, don’t fret. Good concert banter is achievable even if it doesn’t come naturally to you. Like with most things music related, all you need is a little practice and preparation! After mastering your singing skills with voice lessons, the next step is to master the mighty stage. With Scottsdale Music Academy’s band coaching, you can do just that!  You’ll learn everything you need to know to shine on stage and give a flawless performance. Call 602-751-3537 for more info.


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