Student Style-Free Music Lesson

Introducing Student Style — A Free Weekly Music Lesson

Move over, Oprah. There’s a new gift-giving fairy in town!

As if our customized and captivating music lessons in Scottsdale, which include everything from bass to drums to vocals (just to name a few) aren’t amazing all on their own, here’s yet another reason for you to love Scottsdale Music Academy.  Introducing Student Style, a free (yes, FREE) weekly music lesson taught by our very own music students.

In addition to offering a variety of guitar lessons, keyboard lessons, and every other kind of music lessons known to man, Scottsdale Music Academy now gives music enthusiasts a chance to learn from students who have been there and mastered that via a weekly online video, completely free of charge!

This virtual, free music lesson is available to anyone interested in sharpening their music skills or for those looking to gather tips from real musicians-in-training. While learning from established lifelong musicians, like those that teach our keyboard, drum, and vocal lessons in Scottsdale, is a definite no-brainer, sometimes it’s nice to switch it up and learn from someone on your own level. After all, no advice is more reliable than from someone who has been in your shoes and knows just how daunting learning an instrument can be. But rest assured…if they can master it, so can you!

Here at Scottsdale Music Academy we strongly believe in the benefits of peer-to-peer learning and we take great pride in our students’ musical growth. Student Style is the ultimate way for us to showcase our straight-up talented students and help foster access to music knowledge. Add this free music lesson to your other forms of music education, and we guarantee you won’t regret it. Who knows, maybe in time, with a little help from us and our Student Style videos, you’ll go from simply watching our free music lesson to starring in one!

Scottsdale Music Academy is excited to launch these free student-led music lessons, and we hope you’ll check them out! Student Style videos can be found on our website and are available 24/7 to anyone and everyone.  Or for real-time updates and announcements whenever a new video is uploaded, follow us on Facebook or Twitter.

In true Oprah-like fashion, our free gifts don’t stop there. Besides offering a free music lesson every single week via student-led videos, Scottsdale Music Academy also gives away one free face-to-face music lesson to those interested in learning what our music lessons in Scottsdale are all about.

While we may not be able to give away free cars, we’d like to think our free music lessons are just as valuable…if not more so. Tap into the free resources available at Scottsdale Music Academy and watch your skills soar!

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