Songwriting 101 Workshop: Learn How to Write a Song in 4 Weeks

Songwriting Workshop: Learn How to Write a Song in 4 Weeks

How To Write A Song

Have you ever heard a song on the radio and thought: I could come up with something better than that…I just need to know how to write a song.

Well, now you’re in luck! Scottsdale Music Academy is thrilled to announce the launch of our first ever songwriting workshop intended to teach budding lyricists how to write a song, and get the ideas swirling in their heads down onto a page and ready for chart-topping action.

While Scottsdale Music Academy may be best known for our sought-after guitar lessons, keyboard lessons or vocal lessons, our songwriting workshop is guaranteed to be just as crowd-pleasing and invaluable. Students of our songwriting workshop will walk away with all of the songwriting tips and music knowledge needed to create original hit songs.

Structured across four weeks, “Songwriting 101” will teach students how to critically examine a song and tap into their own unique voices. Not only will students learn the fundamentals of how to write a song, they’ll create their own original songs and receive personalized feedback and songwriting tips to help them perfect their pieces.

Although Songwriting 101 is geared toward beginners, those who already know how to write a song can still benefit from the workshop as more advanced topics will also be covered, such as song structure, licensing, and copyright laws.  In short, our songwriting workshop has a little something for everyone!

Full details on this amazing learning opportunity are below.

Songwriting 101

Week 1
1. Look at examples of songs and explicate lyrics and song structure
2. Discuss possible processes of song-writing (including commercial and
non-commercial writing)
3. Brainstorm and pick a song topic and talk about possible structures for the song
4. Leave prepared to write a first draft of a song

Week 2
1. Students will read/present or perform their rough drafts
2. Using a Socratic seminar style, students will offer and receive constructive criticism on songs
3. Discuss arrangement/orchestration/instrumentation
4. Students leave ready to write a second draft

Week 3

1. Students will read their second draft
2. Will offer and receive advice and helpful songwriting tips
3. Discuss licensing and copyright law
4. Students will choose between continuing with a third draft and/or beginning a new song

Week 4

1. Students will read their final draft (or new draft) and discuss
2. Constructive criticism and overall thoughts are given
3. Discuss songwriting that is contrary to popular form
4. Discuss plans and opportunities going forward                                                                                          5. Leave knowing how to write a song with complete confidence

How to Sign Up

If you’re ready to lay-down lyrics, put pen to paper and craft a song from scratch, then give us a call at (602) 751-3537 to sign up for our truly one-of-a-kind songwriting workshop. We’ll arm you with the skills and know-how to write your own music just like you’ve always dreamed of!

Offering everything from songwriting tips to bass, drum, and vocal lessons, Scottsdale Music Academy always has its fingers on the pulse of music…and now, so can you!

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