How to “Spring Clean” Your Music Goals

With flowers in bloom, bright sunny skies all over Phoenix, and the vocal melodies of birds to wake to, it’s safe to say spring is officially upon us. And we all know what that means…spring cleaning! Spring is the unofficial time to cast aside the old and usher in the new. For some, that means organizing their closets, cleaning out the gutters, or giving their home a top-to-bottom cleaning. But, for others, spring cleaning simply means taking time to reflect, abandon what’s not working, and start over with fresh intentions. In the seasonal spirit of new beginnings and renewal, why not give your music goals a good old “spring cleaning?” Add new vigor to your routine and move closer to your music goals by taking time this spring to evaluate your progress and clean up your efforts. Need some help? Here are three super effective ways to “spring clean” your music goals and ensure you’re on the right path to success.



  1. Take Inventory

Nothing guarantees success like having a set plan of action. If you took our earlier advice and started the year of right with SMART goals, you’re likely well on your way to achieving your goals. To take your efforts to the next level, you’ll want to take inventory of your progress so far. Have you been hitting your target goals? Keeping up with your practice schedule? Giving your all in your weekly music lessons? Look closely at the work you’ve put in so far and determine if there are things you could be doing better. Chances are there’s something!



  1. Discard What’s Broken

Once you’ve taken inventory of your efforts and assessed your progress, next it’s time to dispose of anything that’s not working. Maybe you’ve been learning to play an instrument on your own but haven’t progressed as far as you’d like or told yourself you’d practice on a regular basis, but haven’t yet. Instead of abandoning your goals altogether, try switching up your approach to see faster results. Quit any habit or routine that’s not moving you closer to your goals and figure out what else will get you there instead.



  1. Take Advantage of Resources

The last way you can spruce up your efforts and reach your music goals is by taking advantages of the resources available to you. Some musicians find music lessons to be a helpful tool, while others find that family and friends, online forums, or instructional books and videos offer the best guidance and support. It doesn’t matter what avenue or resource you choose, just as long as you choose something! Achieving your goals is not a solitary, one-man activity. It takes a network of resources and support to get you to the finish line. Springtime or not, there’s never a wrong time to work towards your musical dreams! Let Scottsdale Music Academy help!

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