Use SMART Goals To Make 2018 Amazing

It’s a new year…that means time for a whole new set of goals! Here at Scottsdale Music Academy, we know a thing or two about what it takes to make a dream a reality.  Once newbie musicians, we transformed ourselves into the seasoned, professional music instructors we are now through hard work, professional music lessons, and by setting SMART goals for ourselves.  Now it’s time for us to pass on our knowledge and help you achieve all your goals this year, too! In order to ensure this year’s new year’s resolutions don’t end like previous years (ie unaccomplished), you’ll need to be SMART with how you approach them. What does that mean exactly? We’re glad you asked!



SMART goals are ones that are:


The key to achieving your goals is to set ones that are specific. Broad, general goals aren’t usually achievable because they are too big to see the small, everyday steps needed to get there. A small, specific goal, like learning to play a difficult guitar song, is good because it is manageable and will allow you to focus your efforts.




On your journey to achieve your goals, you’ll need to make sure to measure your progress to hold yourself accountable. Try breaking down your goal into smaller chunks or milestones and aim towards achieving those first. Some even find it helpful to keep a log of their progress. Whatever you decide, be sure to assess your progress on a regular basis to ensure you’re on track and to keep yourself motivated.




When setting goals, it’s important to dream big, but not too big. Don’t set goals that are impossible, like headlining your own concert when you haven’t even touched an instrument before. Rather, set goals that are realistic; ones that push your abilities and challenge you, but that are still within the realm of possibility.




If you’re willing to work towards a goal that obviously means you’re passionate about whatever it may be and have a desire to learn, grow, and be better in the arena. However, sometimes we set goals for ourselves that are not achievable at that time because outside factors in our life would make it nearly impossible to fulfill. When you set your goals, ask yourself if they are relevant to your passions, lifestyle, and future plans. Only go after your goal if the answer is yes.



Time Bound

Always attach a deadline or time frame to your goal. Otherwise, you’ll just keep putting it off. A goal with a deadline will push you to actually work towards it and will make it seem more than just a far off dream. Set a goal with a target date and you’ll be amazed by how real that goal will become.



Whatever your goals are in life, the SMART plan can help you tackle them once and for all. And if your goals happen to be music related, be sure to reach out to your friends at Scottsdale Music Academy. We’ve helped hundreds of musicians in Phoenix, Paradise Valley, and more reach their music goals with our personalized music lessons! Let us help you accomplish your music goals, too and make 2018 the best year yet!

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