Simple Tricks to Improve Your Rhythm When Learning Drums

Being able to play in time is an essential part of being a drummer. This incorporates both one’s rhythm and sense of pace within a song or even a practice exercise. Don’t let it get you down if your rhythm feels off when you are first learning the drums, the drums can be very difficult as a beginner. With these simple tricks, you will be able to improve your rhythm in no time.


Playing along to recordings of songs is a great way to improve your rhythm and feel as a beginner on the drums. Listening and playing along will not only give you a better idea of what it means to play in time, but also a sense of what techniques different drummers are using as well. When you get comfortable playing along to songs you know, try playing to new more and challenging songs in order to push yourself and change things up.


Practicing with a metronome is another sure way to help you along with improving your rhythm. When using a metronome, it is important to practice playing at both slower and faster tempos. This way, you will be better prepared when playing with other musicians. That being said, starting slow is usually the way to go in order to build a foundation with technique and time.


Last but not least, listening to yourself playing will help in improving your rhythm when learning the drums. Record yourself playing along to a song or with a metronome and play it back afterward. Is there anything you notice about your playing? Anything you would like to change? Listening to recordings of yourself can help you identify and fix problems with your rhythm, as well as technique. Overall, learning the drums can be difficult, but by using even one of these tricks and with constant practice, your rhythm will start to improve over time.

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