Playing With Passion

 Art or Skill?

SMA Vocal StudentWhen starting lessons, many new guitar players (or piano students, etc.) often choose to make the necessary technical proficiency their main priority. For years, it’s been taught that knowing more chord patterns, playing faster scales and dedicating your learning to technique and technical prowess is the way to go. If it’s the pentatonic scale that you want, you can pursue that to the best of your practice and dedication.

But the flip side of taking guitar lessons in Scottsdale might be to have just enough technical ability to open up your artistic expression, and start to express yourself in song. Because once you have those first few chords together, you can start your art right away. Remember when you first learned those few chords? You wanted to just play the songs of your musical heroes. You felt you had enough to get started to learn that cover version of one of your favorite bands. And the joy you got when you could play those simple 1-IV-V songs by the old rock ‘n rollers!

Deciding what kind of player you want to be is the first step. Maybe you’ll just start out learning a few chords, taught by some of the best music instructors in Scottsdale, and that can get you started on your musical journey.

Exploring Musical Art

Finding your place in the music world can often mean a lot of practice. But to true music artists, it also involves inspiration and an insight that even better musicians might not have. One great example is Jack White, White Stripes leader, blues music fan, and guitar player extraordinaire.  Jack has always tried to explore new ways to get across his musical passions, and he’s incorporate great guitar playing with rockabilly licks, blues scales and flat out garage rock chord patterns along the way. He’s a true musical artist who’s learned to keep his art in the forefront of his work, while keeping his technical virtuosity a close second.

As a student learning guitar at Scottsdale Music Academy, you might work with other players who have a better grasp of technical ability than yourself. But in your heart, you know that you are feeling the art and passion in the music, and that will certainly come out in your playing.

Increase your Technique

As you express yourself through your playing, you’ll have to show some grasp of musical technique. You’ll have to learn to move your fingers from chord to chord in order to create songs that move people, but with enough lessons, practice and daily dedication to your instrument, you’ll learn how to better express yourself  musically and increase the depth of your musical passion.

Creating your own musical path involves these equal measure of passion and practice. If you’re ready to take both of these to new levels, look to starting lessons at Scottsdale Music Academy in Scottsdale, AZ. You’ll get your first lesson for free, and our staff will teach you the steps and practice ideas to get you better on your instrument in a short amount of time. For people interested in lessons for piano, drums, guitar, singing and more, find your passion at Scottsdale Music Academy!

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