Music Lessons this Summer

Summer is a great time of year to slow down work activities, take vacations, and relax more in the warm sunshine. But summer is also a time when music students slow down their music practicing and rehearsing. But this is a practice we recommend against, as it could hurt the musical momentum that has been built up in previous months.


If you’ve been taking music lessons in Scottsdale, you know that our instructors have been working hard to move you forward in your music knowledge, rehearsal and performance skills. Rather than put down the guitar for the summer, it’s better to keep on playing regularly.


SMA Guitar Student

At Scottsdale Music Academy, we work with our students to bring value to their music education all year round. Our instructors don’t take off for the summer, nor should our students. As the New Radicals sang in the 1990s, you only get what you give and you should continue to give to your music learning all summer long.


Our instructors can lay out a plan for you to keep active this summer. We believe in continuous practice, and understanding how to hold your instrument correctly, playing with the right rhythm, while keeping your fingers playing the right notes.


Maintaining your music schedule can help…

  • Retain the fundamentals of finger movements and technique
  • Advance your musical knowledge in areas of interest
  • Improve particular skills, in solos, or chord movements


Teens especially are more prone to switch off from music practice and/or recitals when the school year ends. But instead of moving to video games, movies and social media feeds, musical teens should carry on with their instrument practice. If you put down the guitar or don’t sit at the piano for 1-2 weeks, you’ll notice a distinct drop-off in playing technique and ability.


To retain the skills you’ve already acquired, and keep your mind alert to musical sounds, here are a few tips to keep your music abilities moving forward:

  • Review past lessons – Back in February, you might’ve mastered that guitar solo to your teacher’s satisfaction. But can you do it today in June? If not, it’s time to go back and refresh your thinking and practice levels.


  • Learn your favorite songs – Your music lessons may have had you learn certain songs in the group, but your tastes may lean a little more pop, or soul or whatever. If so, use this slow time in the summer to develop your catalog of songs that you really want to learn. Ask your instructor for chord sheets and keep your Spotify playlists busy all summer.


  • Put yourself into musical scenes – If you do go on vacation, find out if there is a piano or guitar on property. That way, during your non-pool moments, you can chill out with a little music practice on the side. This can do a lot of your musical spirits over vacation, and keep you away from distractions.


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