Meet Our Newest Music Instructor: Saydi Driggers

Saydi DriggersMulti-Talented Musician

Saydi’s music journey began when she was just four years old. When most kids her age were just learning their letters, Saydi was learning to play the piano. She initially became interested in the instrument while watching her cousin play, and fell even more in love with it when she finally got her hands on one and was able to learn for herself.

Since then, she’s been hooked on music in all of its forms and has gone on to learn the acoustic guitar, bass, and vocals. In addition to playing those instruments (and teaching music lessons here at Scottsdale Music Academy), Saydi writes her own original music, runs a blog dedicated to reviewing albums, and is a member of the band Whstle, which just wrapped up their second music video. As far as musicians go, it’s safe to say Saydi pretty much does it all!


Developing Her Skills

From the outside looking in, it’s easy to think that Saydi was naturally blessed with the skills and talents she has now. But Saydi will be the first to tell you that’s far from the truth.

Her music prowess comes from a combination of music lessons taken on and off throughout the years, lots of self-teaching, and a variety of music programs.

Apart from that, the same elements of success that she preaches to her Phoenix and Scottsdale music students—hard work, determination, and passion—are exactly what made her the musician she is today.


Overcoming Setbacks

But Saydi’s journey to becoming a professional musician wasn’t always sunshine and sparkles. In fact, she’s had her fair share of obstacles to overcome, from disappointing gigs to musical setbacks, and periods when work was as slow as it gets. But she’s never let anything deter her from pursuing her love of music, not even crippling stage fright.

While there are certain areas of music that come easily to Saydi, like playing music by ear, there are other aspects that don’t come as naturally to her, one of which is performing.

You would never guess it if you saw Saydi on stage now, but at one time in her life, live gigs gave her major anxiety. To overcome this, Saydi immersed herself in music even more, constantly playing and perfecting her skills so much so that playing onstage no longer phased her. After six months of consistent practicing and playing as much as she could, Saydi finally mastered her stage fright and learned to stop worrying, and focused on having fun instead (a mindset she tries to instill in her students as well).


In Her Free Time….

When not performing at venues around Phoenix and Scottsdale or teaching music lessons at Scottsdale Music Academy, you’ll likely find Saydi outdoors on a run, chowing down on some Panang Curry—one of her favorite foods—or belting out some Demi Lovato tunes in her car (more on that later).

Sign up for a music lesson with Saydi to experience just how cool she really is, and be sure to stay tuned for next week’s blog where we’ll discuss her current music endeavours, future goals, and why she loves teaching music!

Saydi Driggers

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