Make The School Year Better With Music Lessons

Are you suffering from the back-to-school blues? Don’t worry, you’re not alone! While all the early mornings, homework, and constant routine can be a drag, it doesn’t mean you can’t have fun along the way. In fact, one of the best and easiest ways to spice up the school year is by learning a new instrument and taking up music lessons. 

That’s right! Music lessons can add some extra fun to your everyday routine and help make the school year a little more bearable. Not convinced? Read on to find out exactly how music lessons and playing an instrument can improve your year!

1. Music Fosters Social Connections

Let’s face it: making new friends can be scary and downright awkward! Luckily, music can take away some of those barriers, making it easier to meet new peers. If you learn to play an instrument, you’re bound to meet other students with the same love of music, either at school or at your weekly music lessons in Scottsdale. Because of your shared interest in music, you’ll easily bond with other musicians and will be planning your future band name before you know it. What better way to start the school year than by making new friends!

2. Music Tames Anxiety

As many students in Scottsdale and Phoenix know, the school year can bring about its fair share of stress. From worrying about grades, homework, and presentations, a student’s stress levels are almost always high. Thankfully, playing an instrument has been shown to help relieve stress and reduce anxiety. Music helps calm the mind and body and allows you to channel your nervous energy into something more productive. By feeling less stressed and more in control, you’ll be able to focus your attention better and not let stress consume you.

3. Music Build Confidence

There’s no better way to boost your confidence than by learning to play an instrument. The joy you’ll feel when you master a difficult chord or learn to play your favorite song is beyond unreal. When you put in the practice and work hard during your music lessons, you’ll see your efforts pay off⁠—and there’s no greater feeling than that! Plus, your new fancy music skills are sure to impress others!

4. Music Teaches Discipline

There’s no getting around it…learning to play an instrument involves hard work and discipline. While that might not seem like a super fun thing on the surface, these good habits will be invaluable to you in the long run and will only serve to better your performance at school. Learning to play an instrument will teach you how to structure your time, set goals, and stay dedicated, all of which is useful in every aspect of life. 
All in all, learning to play an instrument can only help to make the school year more fun. To see what you’re missing out on, sign up for one of our drum, bass, voice or guitar lessons in Scottsdale today!

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