Cool Gear For Guitarists to Try

For all kinds of musicians, especially guitarists, there is an abundance of gear out there that can really add to your instrument. As a guitarist, you have your necessities of gear such as picks, amps and cables, but if you have some extra room in your budget, there are some really cool gadgets out there for you to try. These pieces of gear may not be entirely essential, but they will surely be great to have in your arsenal of gear. Here is some cool gear for guitarists to try.


One cool piece of gear for any guitarist to try is an automatic guitar tuner. Instead of tuning your strings by hand and by ear, an automatic guitar tuner allows you to put the device on your tuning pegs, play the strings and automatically tune your guitar to the perfect pitch. These devices can be especially useful if you need to tune your guitar very quickly. Another great thing about automatic guitar tuners is that they are not super expensive.


Another piece of gear for guitarists to try is a string changing kit. If you aren’t as experienced at changing your strings yet, a string changing kit can make your life a whole lot easier. Usually, these kits come with a guitar string cutter, a string winder and a headstock tuner. All of these items make it quick and convenient to change your strings on the fly. These kits will also help you change your strings the right way, which in turn will keep your guitar in great condition.


While this may cater more to acoustic guitar players, a guitar humidifier is a great piece of gear for guitarists to try. Instead of worrying about the environment you are keeping your acoustic guitars in, all you have to do with a guitar humidifier is stick it in a case with your acoustic guitar. This device will help with keeping your guitar in the perfect climate. Although there is an endless amount of cool gear out there for guitarists, these are just a few that you should eventually try.

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